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This page provides a simple browsing interface for finding entities described by a property and a named value. Other available search interfaces include the page property search, and the ask query builder.

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A list of all pages that have property "Has completionText" with value "One ship upgrade comin' up!". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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    • Data:Quest/human mission1  + (Perfect! These'll do the job. I'll go ahead and fix up yer ship right now.)
    • Data:Quest/protectoratesword  + (Proud. Here it is! Better than new! You're welcome!)
    • Data:Quest/bootship  + (SAIL is awake! Now you have some guidance, and some company.)
    • Data:Quest/gaterepair  + (Thank you for joining me dear. With your help I know we can triumph.)
    • Data:Quest/museumcurator6  + (Thank you so much for all this - my collec
      Thank you so much for all this - my collection is finally complete, and my museum ready to open! I hope everyone likes it. I hope Nuru likes it.. ^green; You can visit the Museum by using the ^orange;teleporter^green; next to the ^orange;2 Stop Teleshop^white;.
      ext to the ^orange;2 Stop Teleshop^white;.)
    • Data:Quest/museumcurator1  + (Thank you so much! This will make the perfect centerpiece for the Avian exhibit. I'm sure Nuru will very much enjoy such a stunning piece! And everybody else too, of course...)
    • Data:Quest/penguin2  + (Thanks for the intense testing session, friendo - it gave me a lot of useful data! I've also sent out a shipment to my weapon distributor - ^green;his stall should be open right here on the Outpost^white; already.)
    • Data:Quest/glitch mission1  + (That last clue has confirmed the location of the Glitch artifact! Excellent. Congratulations dear.)
    • Data:Quest/shiprepair  + (That was no mean feat - well done, dear. Now that your ship is in full working order we can get started on the task at hand.)
    • Data:Quest/hylotl mission1  + (That was the last clue we needed to find the Hylotl artifact. Wonderful work, dear.)
    • Data:Quest/techscientist2  + (The ^orange;Dash Tech^white; appears to be functioning perfectly! Wonderful! Please, keep the Tech as a token of my thanks. I also have other prototypes that need testing, so come and see me again when you're ready.)
    • Data:Quest/techscientist4  + (The ^orange;Pulse Jump Tech^white; appears to be operating wonderfully! Keep that one, you've earned it. ^green;Come see me again when you're ready for more work^white;.)
    • Data:Quest/protectorate  + (The years of training paid off - you survived graduation day!)
    • Data:Quest/mechupgrade1  + (These parts are enough for me to finish my new ^orange;Missile Rack arm^white;! As a token of my appreciation, I've sent a copy of the ^green;blueprint^white; to the ^green;mech assembly station^white; - you can go and make your own now!)
    • Data:Quest/hoe  + (This should do the job! With this and a watering can I can get to work growing crops.)
    • Data:Quest/museumcurator2  + (This will be perfect for the museum! Thank you so much.)
    • Data:Quest/hylotl mission2  + (Well done for saving the artifact, dear. They're powerful objects, and not safe in the wrong hands...)
    • Data:Quest/avian mission1  + (With that last clue we've got all we need to find the Avian artifact! Thank you for all that hard work.)
    • Data:Quest/museumcurator5  + (Wonderful! It's so kind of you to be collecting these things for me. Just one more exhibit left now!)
    • Data:Quest/shipupgrade4  + (Yer lucky there's so much space in space! Yer ship'll have room to spare after this upgrade.)
    • Data:Quest/illegalshipupgrade4  + (Yer lucky there's so much space in space! Yer ship'll have room to spare after this upgrade.)
    • Data:Quest/shipupgrade2  + (Yer ship'll be upgraded right away. The penguins always do a fine job.)
    • Data:Quest/illegalshipupgrade2  + (Yer ship'll be upgraded right away. The penguins always do a fine job.)
    • Data:Quest/floranarena2  + (You beat Volo! This is a lot of fun. Here's your second trophy!)
    • Data:Quest/techscientist1  + (You brought me the parts! Wonderful! With these the ^orange;Dash Tech^white; should be ready for action, but there's only one way to be sure...)
    • Data:Quest/floran mission1  + (You did it! That was the last clue we needed. I know just where the Floran artifact is now.)