Rusty Metal Skul

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Rusty Metal Skul
Rusty Metal Skul.png
Not Included: A gun, and the infinite power of nano-augmentation.
Legendary Pixels-Sell.png 5000

Rusty Metal Skul is a costume hat. It can be found in chests in Glitch Dungeon Crawlers and has a rare chance of being found in chests throughout the universe.

While worn this helmet will emit a red cone of light forward from the eyes, illuminating darkness slightly.

The design was submitted by a platinum tier pre-order backer, who was granted the ability to design a hat to be included in the game.


This hat's name and description is likely a reference to Gunther Hermann from the video game Deus Ex, who uses the same misspelling in an email regarding a 'skull gun'. He's also representative of the settings divide between mechanical and nanotechnological cybernetic augmentation, as he holds a resentment towards 'the infinite power of nano-augmentation'.


File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem rustyskul
File Name rustyskul.head
File Path assets\items\armors\backerhats\rustyskul