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okay so what's NOT missing from this stub?

Facetious remark aside, can anyone produce a list of what should be here that's not? My best idea for producing such a list is comparing and contrasting this with other Category:Mission pages, but that category doesn't even exist yet so I can't. My second-best idea is to populate that category with suitable pages (anything you can access from either SAIL's terminal or talking to Nuru would qualify) and then trying my "best idea". I'm not willing to painstakingly go through all that comparison and contrasting, but if someone else is, I'd gladly do the "populate that category" part of my second idea. Any takers? (willingly accepting this proposal probably means you have no life, or at least nothing better to do. I don't and I'm still not willing to do it)--Twisted Code (talk) 21:22, 20 November 2017 (UTC)