Dreadwing the Penguin

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Dreadwing the Penguin
Mini Boss
Health 453 HP
Phases 3
Mission Dreadwing Mission Icon.png Dreadwing the Penguin (Quest)
  • Penguin
  • Penguin Tank
  • Penguin Mini UFO

Dreadwing the Penguin (Codex) Icon.png Dreadwing The Penguin

Dreadwing the Penguin is a boss encountered during a quest of the same name given by the Penguin Bartender beneath the Outpost. He is a mini boss not required for story progession. Dreadwing was the first to be added, he is a slightly large penguin who uses two red levers to pilot a massive Grey UFO with red lights rotating around it.

Dreadwing's ship has a unique death animation - it will stop, release bits of its armor, tilt to the right, then explode, leaving only pixels and a codex behind.


In addition to his abilities Dreadwing is surrounded by loyal penguin troops. These include penguins with guns and driving tanks. Throughout the encounter these penguins will fire at the player until killed, and during phase changes the boss will spawn new mobs.

As the player deals damage to Dreadwing's ship, it will show visible wear.

Move/Fire Moves around while firing small projectiles at the player
Mega Swoop Swoops down to the player
Teleport UFO becomes invisible for a few seconds and reappears somewhere else
Slam Slams down on player doing lots of damage - should be avoided. Will stay on ground for a few seconds after allowing the player to melee attack.
Reinforcements Spawns penguins without tanks (Phase 2)
Reinforcements Spawns penguin mini UFOs (Phase 3)
Pulse Cannon Flies across the area firing a pulse cannon
Artillery Call Summon penguins with tanks
Boss size compared to player

Phase 1 (100% - 80% Health)

  • Move/Fire
  • Swoop

Phase 2 (80% - 33% Health)

Two penguin tanks spawn, one on each side of the area

  • Move/Fire
  • Swoop
  • Teleport
  • Slam

Reinforcements (Penguins without tanks)

Phase 3 (Less than 33% Health)

Two penguin mini UFOs and two more penguin tanks spawn, one on each side of the area.

  • Move/Fire
  • Teleport
  • Slam
  • Reinforcements (Penguin mini UFOs)
  • Pulse Cannon


Penguin Tank.png
It is recommended to have at least Titanium Armour and both ranged and melee weapons to fight Dreadwing. A shield is optional, but recommended for one-handed weapons. Also, the Pulse Jump tech is beyond useful for bounding over lone penguin minions that the boss beamed down. As the arena is long and flat, the Energy Dash tech is useful for easy movement and avoiding his Pulse Cannon attack. To weather most of the Smash attack damage, a shield can be useful. When Dreadwing's ship crashes, it is a wise idea to use a very powerful melee weapon such as a hammer on him while he is down. If the player is using a slow-firing weapon, like a rocket launcher, Dreadwing's UFO may teleport out of the way before the projectile hits.

Dreadwing's minions are fairly weak, one or two hits from a fairly good weapon will kill them. The tanks are much hardier and warier players should not venture into the sides of the arena. The tanks are extremely slow and easy to escape, however.


  • Prior to Upbeat Giraffe, he was the Tier 1 Boss, and was summoned after completing the tutorial quests using Distress Beacon.
  • As a tier 1 boss, Dreadwing seemed to be the most complete Boss implemented at the time. Unlike all other bosses, which used AIs borrowed from lesser mobs with different attacks or sounds, Dreadwing's ship had its own attacks, AI, and animations.
  • Dreadwing the Penguin was first revealed in public stream at Insomnia Gaming Festival[1].
  • Since then, Dreadwing is the only boss to have appeared consistently in every single iteration of the early access beta.


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