Dreadwing the Penguin

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Tier 1 Boss


Dreadwing the Penguin
Planet Lv : 1+

Atk. type : Melee and Range
Flying : Yes
Rarity : Boss

Tier : 1
Quest : First Contact
Boss image compared to player

Summoned at the end of the Tier 1 tutorial quest by placing Distress Beacon ( obtained during First Contact )

Dreadwing the Penguin is the first real boss in Starbound. It is a massive Grey UFO with red lights rotating around it, with a slightly large Penguin piloting it via two red levers. First revealed in public stream at Insomnia Gaming Festival[1]

Summoned Using: Distress Beacon Icon.png Distress Beacon
Item Drops : Molten Core Icon.png Molten Core
Minions : Penguin, Penguin Tank, and Penguin Mini Ufo



Dreadwing has a large arsenal of attacks that set it apart from all other bosses currently in game. Its first attack consists of shooting laser blasts directly downwards from the bottom of the ship. Second the UFO will beam down penguins. They can either be wielding an assault rifle, a rocket launcher, or be driving a small tank. These minions may seem weak but can take unprepared players by surprise. Last, Dreadwing will begin to closely hover over the player before slamming down on them entirely. This attack will destroy weaker blocks like Dirt and Wood, and damage cobblestone. It will then repeat its attacks. It's advised to summon Dreadwing a decent distance from your base. Or any other structure for that matter.

Upon reaching 30% health, Dreadwing will call upon 2-3 miniature versions of itself. These small adds will fire lasers at unsuspecting players, and tend to block attacks from hitting the main boss.

Upon death, Dreadwing has it's own unique death animation - unlike all other mobs in the game, which simply blink white and disappear, it will stop, release bits of its armor, tilt to the right, then explode, leaving only pixels and five Molten Cores.


It is recommended to have at least Iron Armor and an Iron Hunting Bow to fight Dreadwing. Also, the Pulse Jump tech is Beyond useful for bounding over lone Penguin minions that the Boss beamed down. A long, flat arena doesn't hurt either.

With all of these, place the Beacon at the far left of the arena. Pull out the Iron Hunting Bow, activate the Beacon, and run right while firing up at the boss. Jump over any minions that the boss beans down, and do not attack them unless they are being absolutely annoying. When the boss starts the crushing attack, reverse directions and jump right before it lands. Repeat until the UFO crashes for a swift victory.


  • Dreadwing seems to be the most complete Boss currently implemented - unlike all other bosses, which use AIs borrowed from lesser mobs with different attacks or sounds, Dreadwing has its own attacks, AI, and animations. It is commonly considered the most fun boss to fight in the game by most players.



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