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File Name humanspace1.codex
File Path assets\codex\human
icon humancover8.png

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itemConfig Price: 25

Rarity: common

description A dusty report from the now-disbanded USCM organisation.
title USCM Annual Report
contentPages ^yellow;//OVERVIEW^white;

The ^orange;Universal Space Corporate Military^white; has faced a taxing fiscal cycle. Our goal - to spread the force and influence of humanity beyond Earth - remains in sight as always. The Terrene Protectorate still denotes us as a rogue footnote in Earth's history, but we are confident that their insistent inaction leaves them vulnerable. We shall not make the same mistakes as our cousins on Earth., ^yellow;//EMPLOYMENT^white; In previous cycles, our private prison project has shown to increase overall staff compliancy. However, the last six terms have been tough on our Merchant-class freighters, which has lead to an increase in staff confined to on-world imprisonment. Future projections show that the prisons, if left understaffed, risk each developing their own internal power hierarchies. Further observation is advised., ^yellow;//PROJECTS^white; Our current financial future may seem uncertain to many, but breakthroughs in our genetic manipulation labs - with help from our allies in the Miniknog - might give us a strong foundation in the field of bioweaponary. Research into ^orange;Project: PARASPRITE^white; is being conducted simultaneously across many of our Research-class Freighters. Perhaps next cycle will be the start of a new future for the USCM!