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A pane of glass used for crafting.


Glass is a crafting material used as an ingredient in a number of recipes. It's crafted using a primitive furnace.

Ingredient for

Alarm Icon.png Alarm 1
Black Glass Icon.png Black Glass (10) 1
Empty Bottle Icon.png Empty Bottle 2
Breathing EPP Icon.png Breathing EPP 10
Small Fossil Display Icon.png Small Fossil Display 15
Medium Fossil Display Icon.png Medium Fossil Display 40
Heavy Door Icon.png Heavy Door 5
Glass Block Icon.png Glass Block (10) 1
Blue Glowstick Icon.png Blue Glowstick 1
Green Glowstick Icon.png Green Glowstick 1
Orange Glowstick Icon.png Orange Glowstick 1
Yellow Glowstick Icon.png Yellow Glowstick 1
Industrial Computer Icon.png Industrial Computer 1
Industrial Display Icon.png Industrial Display 1
Industrial Light Icon.png Industrial Light 1
Laboratory Light Icon.png Laboratory Light 5
Light Sensor Icon.png Light Sensor 1
Liquid Sensor Icon.png Liquid Sensor 1
Magma Lamp Icon.png Magma Lamp 10
Mirror Block Icon.png Mirror Block (20) 1
Neon Block Icon.png Neon Block (20) 1
Prism Bed Icon.png Prism Bed 12
Prism Chair Icon.png Prism Chair 4
Prism Door Icon.png Prism Door 10
Prism Magenta Lamp Icon.png Prism Magenta Lamp 4
Prism Emerald Lamp Icon.png Prism Emerald Lamp 4
Prism Cyan Lamp Icon.png Prism Cyan Lamp 4
Prism Table Icon.png Prism Table 16
Proximity Scanner Icon.png Proximity Scanner 1
Stylish Counter Icon.png Stylish Counter 4
Snowball Shooter Icon.png Snowball Shooter 10
Medical Syringe Icon.png Medical Syringe 2
Tungsten Door Icon.png Tungsten Door 2
Titanium Door Icon.png Titanium Door 5
Titanium Light Icon.png Titanium Light 2
Titanium Table Icon.png Titanium Table 5
Durasteel Light Icon.png Durasteel Light 2
Wooden Window Icon.png Wooden Window (20) 1


File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem glass
File Name glass.item
File Path assets\items\generic\crafting