High Capacity Reel

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High Capacity Reel
Fishing Reel
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A reel with a larger spool for a longer line.

High Capacity Reel is a fishing reel which has a chance of being found as treasure from uncommon, rare and legendary fish when caught.

This reel extends the fishing rod's maximum line length from 50 tiles to 60 tiles, allowing the lure to descend into very deep waters. Some fish can only be found in deep water.

It can be applied to either a fishing rod or durable fishing rod by selecting the reel in inventory and right clicking the rod to apply it to. Once applied it will be listed in the rod's tooltip. Only one reel can be applied to a rod at once.

Click here for a full list of fish catchable using a rod and details about controls.


File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem fishingreellong
File Name fishingreellong.augment
File Path assets\items\augments\fishing