Jelly Boss

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Removed: No Longer Available

Jelly Boss was removed from the game files, and is no longer obtainable.
It was included as placeholder content during early access, and replaced before full release

Optional Boss


Planet Lv :4++
Jelly Boss.png

Atk. type : Range
Flying : Yes
Rarity : Boss

Tier : 4

Jelly, also known as Brian[1], was an optional boss from pre-Upbeat Giraffe versions. It was summoned by using a Peanut Butter Trap, which required a Monster Lab to manufacture, but has since been removed as well. The boss dropped Endomorphic Jelly, and the codex Jelly.

The boss would summon "Skeye Jelly" minions, potentially overwhelming the player if not quelled.

Jelly cannot be summoned with administrative commands. It has been fully removed from the game files.

Summoned Using: Peanut Butter Trap Icon.png Peanut Butter Trap
Fighting Strategy: Avoid the minions' attacks and use ranged to take down the boss.
Item Drops : Endomorphic Jelly Icon.png Endomorphic Jelly, Jelly (Codex) Icon.png Jelly (codex)
Minions : Skeye Jelly
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