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Modding Documentation
You can get your hands on Tiled at It’s available for Windows, OS X and Linux. Just make sure it’s version 0.14 or later, because earlier versions aren’t capable of producing maps that Starbound can read.

Once installed, you’ll need to unpack Starbound’s assets so that Tiled can read the tilesets. Instructions for unpacking assets.

Once that’s done, there should be a new folder in your Starbound/assets/ directory. Make sure it’s named ‘packed’ so that Tiled can find the tilesets within it:


Now you should be able to use Tiled to open the vanilla Starbound maps in the unpacked assets. You'll find them all in the assets/packed/dungeons/ directory, with .json filename extensions.

Some of the dungeons in the vanilla Starbound assets use the older PNG format, which this guide does not cover.