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This is a property of type String.

It contains the name of the icon for an item.

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"No Escape" Graffiti +"No_Escape"_Graffiti_Icon.png  +


'Project: De-Ape' Lab Report +'Project De-Ape' Lab Report_Icon.png  +
'Waz' Graffiti +'Waz'_Graffiti_Icon.png  +


... +..._Icon.png  +


10 Years On +10 Years On_Icon.png  +
10k Voxel +10k Voxel Icon.png  +
1k Voxel +1k Voxel Icon.png  +


2 Stop Teleshop +2 Stop Teleshop Icon.png  +
2 Stop Teleshop Teleporter +2 Stop Teleshop Teleporter Icon.png  +
2k Voxel +2k Voxel Icon.png  +


5k Voxel +5k Voxel Icon.png  +


A Child's Rhyme +Child's Rhyme Icon.png  +
A Culture of Beauty +A Culture of Beauty_Icon.png  +
A Departed Floran +A Departed Floran_Icon.png  +
A Desert Expedition +A Desert Expedition_Icon.png  +
A Floran's Goal +A Floran's Goal Icon.png  +
A Folk Tale +Folk Tale Icon.png  +
A Glitch poster +Outcast Poster_Icon.png  +
A Greenfinger's Diary +A Greenfinger's Diary_Icon.png  +
A Greenguard's Journal 8 +A Greenguard's Journal 8_Icon.png  +
A Guide To Colony Construction +A Guide To Colony Construction_Icon.png  +
A History of Space Travel +A History of Space Travel_Icon.png  +
A Hylotl Introduction +A Hylotl Introduction Icon.png  +
A Hylotl Journey Begins +A Hylotl Journey Begins Icon.png  +
A Lament +Lament_Icon.png  +
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