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Trade Goods, are items that are used for trading with any NPC Space Station that can be found in orbit around Stars. There are 4 different Trade Goods currently in the game as of Version 1.3.0. These are Electronic Parts, Food Rations, Medical Supplies, and Weapon Parts. These Items can be purchased from their respective stations.

Trading with NPC Stations

While aboard an NPC Station, the player may come across an NPC that displays a screen with one item to buy and another item to sell. This NPC can be found in the same room as the NPC that grants the Your Very Own Space Station Quest. Each station prices start at 50 pixels for buying items and 200 pixels for selling items. Purchase prices change in intervals of 0-3 based on how much you buy, and sell prices change in intervals of 0-5 based on and how much you sell. The more you buy/sell, the lower price change is.

Buying: Starting Price = 50 Pixels, Max Price = 99 Pixels

Selling: Starting Price = 200 Pixels, Min Price = 100 Pixels

As the prices approach their caps, the numbers that represent the prices will shift towards white. While they are at their starting price, they will appear green. The prices will return to green over time. Also, items that are purchased by the station may change over time.

Each NPC will sell items based on what station they are at and will buy items that come from another station. The player can traverse between different stations and make a profit by buying items low and selling them to a different station for nearly 4 times the original price.