Floran Treetop Village

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A Floran treetop village dwelling.
Floran Treetop Villages are a Floran style village made up of houses built in high trees. The homes are usually made out of bamboo, with thatch roofs. They're often decorated with bones and animal hides. An early village, they've been available in game since beta was released.

These villages can be found on any planet type aside from moons, any ocean worlds (including magma, arctic, and toxic), or garden planets. They are most likely to appear on forest planets over any other planet type.

Unique Treasure

Basic treasure can be found in most containers while valuable treasure is in themed chests. Valuable treasure chests also contain Raw Steak and at higher rates.

Basic Treasure
Valuable Treasure

Lore Books



Object Category Price Description Tags
Bamboo Door Icon.png Bamboo Door Door 95 This door is strong and sustainably sourced.
Brown Fur Pelt Icon.png Brown Fur Pelt Decorative 160 A large pelt with thick, lustrous fur.
Large Primitive Chest Icon.png Large Primitive Chest Storage 90 A long chest, made from sticks. Its security is questionable.
Large Snowy Pelt Icon.png Large Snowy Pelt Decorative 160 The pelt of a large, snow dwelling animal.
Leather Dressing Screen Icon.png Leather Dressing Screen Decorative 120 A leather screen, used in Floran food preparation.
Long Black Fur Pelt Icon.png Long Black Fur Pelt Decorative 80 A ragged fur pelt, hung from two large tusks.
Primitive Bench Icon.png Primitive Bench Furniture 125 A bench made of wood and bones. Seems... inviting?
Primitive Shelf Icon.png Primitive Shelf Decorative 90 A wood and bone shelf used for storing supplies and keepsakes.
Primitive Stove Icon.png Primitive Stove Crafting Station 70 A very basic cooking pot suspended over a campfire.
Primitive Tanning Rack Icon.png Primitive Tanning Rack Decorative 90 An animal pelt stretched and dried between two large bones.
Primitive Toilet Icon.png Primitive Toilet Furniture 75 This toilet doesn't look very leak-proof.
Small Black Pelt Icon.png Small Black Pelt Decorative 70 This pelt serves as a Floran hunter's trophy.
Small Primitive Chest Icon.png Small Primitive Chest Storage 70 A small chest, made from sticks. Its security is questionable.
Small Snowy Pelt Icon.png Small Snowy Pelt Decorative 70 The pelt of a small, snow dwelling animal.
Tall Wooden Torch Icon.png Tall Wooden Torch Light Source 30 A large flickering torch warms the air around it.
Thatch Icon.png Thatch Block 0 Traditional thatched roofing.
Wooden Dressing Screen Icon.png Wooden Dressing Screen Decorative 120 A wooden screen, perfect for dressing behind.