Raw Steak

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Raw Steak Icon.png
Raw Steak
Raw Steak.png

A raw slab of weird, stringy alien meat. Maybe I should cook it.

Value 4

Raw Steak drops from monsters that are found throughout the game on all planets. It can be cooked to make cooked steak.

It has a higher chance to drop from monsters when they are killed with a hunting bow, crossbow or hunting knife.

Status Effects

Ingredient for

Rusty Pasty Icon.png Rusty Pasty 1
Cheeseburger Icon.png Cheeseburger 1
Cooked Steak Icon.png Cooked Steak 1
Hamburger Icon.png Hamburger 1
Hot Hot Hotpot Icon.png Hot Hot Hotpot 1
Meat Dumplings Icon.png Meat Dumplings 1
Meat Stew Icon.png Meat Stew 1
Oculemon Stew Icon.png Oculemon Stew 1
Pasty Icon.png Pasty 1



File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem alienmeat
File Name rawbacon.consumable
File Path assets\items\generic\meat