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Morphball Icon.png

Press 'F' to stop, drop and roll with this incredible Morphball tech! Cost: 65 energy per second.

Value 0

Morphball is a tech that allows the player to transform into a ball and roll. While activated characters are shown as a light blue ball bisected by a darker blue line.

Morphball can be used to access pathways that are too small for the player to walk inside. However, players in morphball cannot jump very high, nor can they warp back to their ship, and will need to switch back to normal form in order to get over obstacles.

Morph Ball.gif
To activate the morphball press 'F'. To switch to normal form, stand between two blocks and press 'F' again.

This tech consumes 65 Energy per second. Players still receive full damage, thus you can be attacked easily whilst going down hills. It is possible to trap a player in morph ball by placing blocks completely around them. Unable to leave morphball without any space, they must resort to waiting for the blocks to be destroyed.

This tech will be made available to unlock after players get a Sparrow Class license to upgrade ship size. It can be unlocked using a Tech Drive.


The Morphball is, based on the signature Morph Ball technology utilized by Samus Aran, the protagonist of the Metroid franchise.



File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem morphballTech
File Name morphball.techitem
File Path assets/tech/morphball