Frost Shield

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Frost Shield Icon.png
Frost Shield

Stops attacks cold.

Disabled: Not currently available

Frost Shield is currently disabled from the game. Assets for this exist within the game files, but will not be encountered through normal gameplay.

Frost Shield is a shield.

It has 35 base health and a 0.65-second cooldown when lowered.

Like most premade shields, Frost Shield's tier is variable and depends on the tier of planet on which it appears (?). Therefore, a Frost Shield performs slightly better than a large shield with the same tier as the planet on which the Frost Shield is found (due to a shorter cooldown).

The .itemfile was briefly removed with the addition of active items in update Glad Giraffe, but the graphical assets still existed in game files. Although the file was added back in a later update, it is currently not found through normal gameplay, though it can be spawned in via admin commands.


  • Cheerful Giraffe: Decreased base health from 70 to 35, increased price from 100 to 630


File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem frostshield
File Name frostshield.activeitem
File Path assets\items\active\shields
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