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Gravity is a force that attracts objects towards planets. It determines the physics of jumping, falling and ammo.

Dungeons have a set gravity, regardless of the gravity level of the planet.

Some tech can ignore gravity. Some examples are the Pulse Jump and the Rocket Jump techs.

Gravity also changes fall and jump speed, so with less gravity, you will suffer less damage from falling and you will jump higher, and you can even do things like "glide" in low gravity areas planets.

Gravity is shown in the navigation window and differs from planet to planet. Bigger planets tend to have more gravity than smaller planets, which is why smaller locations like moons have less gravity than a planet 5000 sectors in size.

Asteroid Field and Space Encounters have no gravity (which is why you can only deploy in a mech) so it's recommended to stay in your mech unless required and bring a rocket spear in the case of emergencies.