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Spear Swipe.gif
Spears are a jabbing two handed weapon class. They can be aimed directionally, allowing players to attack the direction of the cursor.

Spears are unique because they can remain held outward to deal damage continually by holding down primary attack. While held outward players will deal 10% of stab damage to any enemies the spear makes contact with, allowing players to charge in while dealing damage. There are a variety of special spears found throughout the universe with unique effects, attacks, projectiles and appearances.

Base Statistics

  • Base DPS: 9.0-10.0 health per second (Common), 9.5-10.5 health per second (Uncommon/Rare)
  • Fire Time: 0.83-1.11 seconds between attacks (approx. 0.9-1.2 attacks per second)
  • Knockback Power: 25-35 (strong knockback)

Elemental Damage

Most uncommon and rare spears have an assigned elemental damage type. Some damage types are more effective against specific enemies than others. In addition to determining the damage type, each elemental also applies a Status Effect. These can be damaging (like burning, poison, or electrified) or offer control by impairing enemy movement (like frost). The elemental damage type of each weapon is visible by the corresponding icon in the in-game tooltip.

The secondary special attacks for rare and uncommon spears are shared, but only rare spears will apply status effects with their primary attack.

Special Attacks

Special attacks are secondary attack types available for each melee weapon. The attacks available are different based on weapon type and rarity. For example a common rarity spear would never have any uncommon specials assigned to it.

Premade and crafted weapons have specific specials assigned based on their weapon type as well, but they do not change.

Common Specials

Common special attacks are those found on common rarity spears. They do not deal any specific elemental damage and apply no status effects.

Blade Whirl.gif
Blade Whirl
  • Flurry
    • Description: Unleashes a torrent of rapid strikes which starts slow but speeds up over time.
    • Base Damage: 3 health per hit
    • Energy Usage: 9 energy per strike
    • Initial Fire Time: 0.25 seconds (4 strikes per second)
    • Fire Time Deduction: 0.04 seconds per strike
    • Minimum Fire Time: 0.15 seconds (approx. 6.7 strikes per second)
    • Cooldown: 0.2 seconds
    • Knockback: 10 (weak knockback)
  • Blade Whirl
    • Description: Hoists the spear up high and spins it rapidly.
    • Base Damage: 6 health
    • Energy Usage: 60 energy per second
    • Cooldown: 0.2 seconds

Uncommon Specials

Rare and Uncommon rarity spears have a unique set of special secondary attacks. They consume energy when used, but unlike their common counterparts these attacks apply a status effect based on the elemental damage type.


The spear leaves an arcing trail of elemental damage that briefly hangs in the air, knocking any enemies who touch it back and applying damaging Status Effects.

  • Barrier Base Damage: 1 health per segment
  • Energy Usage: 9 energy per barrier segment placed
  • Segment Spacing: 1 tile between segment centers

Blink Explosion

Player charges for 0.3 seconds, then disappears and blinks forward, leaving an elemental explosion in their wake applying damaging status effects. The player is invulnerable while using this ability.

  • Base Damage: 28
  • Energy Usage: 120
  • Cooldown: 1.5 seconds
  • Max Distance: 12 tiles
  • Explosion Knockback: 30 (strong knockback)

Energy Whirl

Players spin their spear around much like the special attack 'Blade Whirl', but when released the attack unleashes spiraling elemental energy which flies forward dealing damage and applying damaging status effects.

  • Base Damage: 6 health (both whirl and projectile)
  • Energy Usage (Whirl): 60 energy per second
  • Energy Usage (Projectile): 30 energy
  • Cooldown: 1.0 seconds
  • Projectile Knockback: 15 (somewhat weak knockback)

Rocket Spear

The spear becomes an elemental flame thrower, blasting a stream of elemental damage and applying damaging status effects. The stream of energy pushes the player backwards, and can be used when timed properly to mitigate falling damage. In very low gravity, this can be used to fly, even perpetually if energy recharge is high enough.

  • Base DPS: 9
  • Energy Usage: 45 energy per second
  • Cooldown: 0.5 seconds
  • Fire Time: 0.065 seconds (approx. 15.4 shots per second)
  • Max Boost Speed: 20 tiles per second
  • Boost Force: 100