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Removed: No Longer Available

Item ID Command was removed from the game files, and is no longer obtainable.
It was included as placeholder content during early access, and replaced before full release

/itemid is an admin command that tells the player detailed information about an item that they specify. It is basically a way to read some of the item's asset file while ingame.

The usage of this command looks like this: /itemid BagSpecifier SlotSpecifier

The Bag Specifier is one of six locations on the player. The Slot Specifier is where the item is within the Bag Specifier.

Command parameters

  • For the Bag Specifier you can type the number or the word.
  • If you use a word, it is not case sensitive
Bag Specifier Slot Specifier Notes
1 Bag Number between 0 and 39 From left to right, top to bottom
2 Tile Bag Number between 0 and 39 From left to right, top to bottom
3 Bar Number between 0 and 9 Action Bar, not including left/right hands
4 EssentialBar Number between 0 and 2 Matter Manipulator, Wire Mode, Paint Mode
5 Equipment
0. head 1. chest 2. legs 3. back
4. headSoc 5. chestSoc 6. legsSoc 7. backSoc
8. tech1 9. tech2 10. tech3 11. tech4 12. trash
can use number or word
6 Wieldable
0. lefthand 1. righthand
can use number or word
7 Swap Only 0 is valid


  • The results show up in Chat and in the Starbound.log file.
Command Result Notes
/itemid 4 0 Item at InventorySlot : { type : essentialBar, location : 0 }: [beamaxe, 1,

{"blockRadius":4, "maxBeamJitter":0.4, "minBeamWidth":9, "tileDamage":3.4, "maxBeamWidth":11, "minBeamJitter":0.2, "canCollectLiquid":true}]

A fully upgraded Matter Manipulator
/itemid wieldable lefthand Info: Item at InventorySlot : { type : wieldable, location : leftHand }: [feroziumpistol, 1,

{"projectileSeparation":0, "levelScale":97, "projectileCount":1, "accuracy":null, "level":6, "inaccuracy":0.018, "price":1125, "muzzleEffect":{"fireSound":[{"file":"/sfx/gun/plasma_pistol4.wav"}], "animation":"/animations/muzzleflash/plasmamuzzle3green/plasmamuzzle3green.animation"}, "walkWhileFiring":false, "fireTime":0.6, "firePosition":[13,4], "projectileType":"greenplasmabullet", "projectile":{"speed":75, "life":3, "power":2.7, "color":[255,10,10]}, "weaponType":"Pistol", "spread":null, "itemName":"feroziumpistol", "tooltipKind":"gun", "recoilTime":0.1, "handPosition":[-5,-2], "description":"A pistol of the highest caliber", "image":"feroziumpistol.png", "shortdescription":"Ferozium Pistol", "rarity":"Legendary", "maxStack":1, "dropCollision":[-8,-3,8,3], "twoHanded":false, "inventoryIcon":"feroziumpistol.png"}]

A Ferozium Pistol


In some cases this command may cause chat and/or the game to lag. For example, when used on procedurally generated weapons.

  • Removed by version 1.0.5