Leda Portia

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Leda Portia
Leda Portia.png
Current Grand Protector

Leda Portia was the Grand Protector after Esther Bright. She was making a speech for the Player's graduation in the intro mission when The Ruin attacked Earth. She was grabbed by a tentacle, but urged the player to take the Matter Manipulator and flee the planet, before she was pulled into the floor. Her exact fate is unknown, but she almost certainly perished alongside much of Earth's population.

Graduation Speech

"My fellow Protectors. Today we come together to witness the Protectorate grow. For over 500 years, we have stood proud here on Earth, drawing together races of all kinds in the name of peace. Our task: to protect our fellow beings; to support, house, and educate those who seek our aid, and to foster accord between those that aspire to it."

"Today, in the name of peace, we welcome our newest compatriots, and present each of them with our greatest tool... The Matter Manipulator!"


"What was that?"

"You, Graduate! Take the Manipulator and run! Get to safety!"


  • Leda has Heterochromia iridum, with one blue eye and one green eye, though this is not visible in her portrait painting and rather only apparent during her speech.
  • The name Leda appears to be a variant of the name "Leta" which means glad, while her last name, "Portia" may be a reference to the heroine of the Shakespearean play "The Merchant of Venice".