Metal Coated Wood

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Metal Coated Wood Icon.png
Metal Coated Wood
Crafting Material
Metal Coated Wood.png

A metal coating over a wood-like material.

Metal Coated Wood is a crafting material primarily used for furniture. It is obtained from metallic trees found in Foundry mini biomes.

After picking this item up for the first time, players will automatically learn the crafting schematic for Smooth Plated Block.


Unlocks Recipes
Smooth Plated Block Icon.png Smooth Plated Block

Ingredient for

Foundry Bed Icon.png Foundry Bed 50
Heavy Chair Icon.png Heavy Chair 20
Heavy Door Icon.png Heavy Door 25
Foundry Light Icon.png Foundry Light 10
Geode Light Icon.png Geode Light 10
Magma Lamp Icon.png Magma Lamp 10
Rusty Bed Icon.png Rusty Bed 25
Rusty Chair Icon.png Rusty Chair 15
Rusty Chest Icon.png Rusty Chest 20
Rusty Door Icon.png Rusty Door 25
Rusty Table Icon.png Rusty Table 25
Large Stylish Drawers Icon.png Large Stylish Drawers 6
Small Stylish Drawers Icon.png Small Stylish Drawers 4
Stylish Fridge Icon.png Stylish Fridge 15


File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem metallic
File Name metallic.item
File Path assets\items\generic\crafting