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Parameter Name Variable Type Description
rarity string includes: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Legendary
price int Price in pixels. Influences buying/selling/printing etc
maxStack int Stacks up to this number
description string Armour's description
shortdescription string Armour's name.
statusEffects string/object mixed array Defines what status effects the armour gives you when worn in the armour slot. Does not hide the visual effects of the status effects it gives, and can also be used to increase your basic stats.
leveledStatusEffects string/object mixed array Defines what stat changes the armour applies you when worn in the armour slot. Vanilla armour uses this for stat increases, and these scale depending on the armour's level parameter and the level multiplier set for that stat. Accepts elemental resistances and immunities.
level int Defines the armour's level, which scales effects in leveledStatusEffects by their level multiplier.
effectSources string array Defines what particles your armour produces when worn in the vanity slot. Visual effect only.
directives directive Applies directives to each frame of your armour. Can also be used to create custom armour through use of Silverfeelin's Outfit Generator.

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