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These variables are defined in an projectiles's JSON file, found in the assets/projectiles folder. Default parameters are defined in defaultparameters.config.

This table is a list of all parameters found in in-game object files. Modders can add parameters to an projectile's file, but be aware that overwriting one of these parameters may cause problems.

Parameter Name Variable Type Description
projectileName string The internal name of the projectile, as called by other json files.
image string The png used for the projectile.
animationCycle float How fast the image animates.
timeToLive float If set this is how long before the projectile reaps
frameNumber int Number of frames in the animation.
windupFrames int Number of frames in the animation for it's windup before looping.
power int Damage dealt by the projectile.
speed int Velocity in pixel coordinates per tic.
orientationLocked bool If true the projectile won't rotate.
physics string Physics Configuration.
bounces int The number of times a projectile can hit terrain or solid objects without being destroyed. If bounces is set to -1, the projectile will never be destroyed on contact with solids.
piercing bool if true the projectile wont reap on collision with enemies.
flippable bool if true the projectile can be flipped horizontally.
knockback int The knockback caused by the projectile after being effected by grit.
knockbackDirection bool If true, the projectile's knockback is applied in the direction the projectile was going at the time of collision. (?)
damagePoly int array The collision polygon.
damageKind int The damage source kind to inflict.
damageType int The damage type. Defaults to Damage, but also includes: Knockback,IgnoreDef,Environment
statusEffects string array The status effects the projectile inflicts.
emitters string array The effectsources used for emission.
actionOnReap json These actions are ran when the projectile dies.
actionOnCollide json These actions are ran whenever the projectile collides.
periodicActions json These actions are ran periodically.
timedActions json These actions require staffprojectile.lua and are ran each frame taking configuration into account.

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