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Rocket Launcher
Rocket Launcher
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The power to blow stuff up.

Rocket Launcher is a two-handed procedurally generated weapon. It can be common, uncommon, and rare. Common Rocket launchers will shoot regular rockets, while uncommon and rare Rocket Launchers shoot elemental plasma type rockets.

Aside from a few known bugs, rocket shells fired by the player (and the explosions they create) cannot harm the player, allies, or friendly NPCs and monsters. Rocket explosions do a small amount of damage to unshielded tiles, but generally not enough to break even the weakest of materials.

Base Statistics

  • Base DPS: 9.0-10.0 health per second (Common), 9.5-10.5 health per second (Uncommon/Rare)
  • Energy Usage: 36-40 energy per second (Common), 38-42 energy per second (Uncommon/Rare)
  • Fire Time: 1.0-1.5 seconds between attacks (approx. 0.7-1.0 attacks per second)
  • Knockback Power: 40 (very strong knockback)

NPC-Exclusive Variants

NPCs, hostile or otherwise, generally do not use rocket launchers. The only exception is on outlaw-hunting Quests - the outlaw, if they betray the player after "surrendering," has a chance to pull out an NPC Rocket Launcher and use it for the rest of the fight. This rocket launcher has the following base statistics:

  • Rarity: Common
  • Base DPS: 9.0 health per second
  • Energy Usage: 12 energy per second
  • Fire Time: 2.0 seconds between rocket shells
  • Knockback Power: 50 (extremely strong knockback)
  • Special Attack: None

Elemental Damage

Uncommon and Rare weapons have an assigned elemental damage type. Uncommon rocket launchers inflict status effects only with special attacks, but rare rocket launchers inflict status effects with all attacks.

Special Attacks

All Rarities

  • Guided Rocket
    • Description: Launches a rocket that flies toward the targeting reticle until it hits something or expires. As the targeting reticle is moved, the rocket will attempt to correct course to the new target location.
    • Base DPS: 6.7 health per second (see notes)
    • Energy Usage: 62.5 energy per shot
    • Fire Time: 1.5 seconds (see notes)
    • Notes: Despite having a "fire time" of only 1 second, this secondary attack has a cool down stance time of 1.5 seconds. Because the cool down stance time is longer than "fire time", one round can be fired at most every 1.5 seconds. However, because "fire time" is used to calculate total damage from a successful hit, this ability's base DPS is effectively reduced from 10dps to 6.7dps.

Common Only

  • Homing Rocket
    • Description: Lobs a rocket shell in a grenade-like arc. After 0.75 seconds, it locks onto a nearby enemy and its engine ignites, guiding itself toward the enemy until it hits or time expires. If no enemies are in range, the rocket falls to the ground and explodes, like an impact grenade. Due to the initial ballistic arc, players should aim high when firing.
    • Base DPS: 10 health per second
    • Energy Usage: 62.5 energy per second
    • Fire Time: 1.0 second between shots
    • Lock-On Range: 50 tiles
  • Rocket Burst
    • Description: Shoots a burst of five miniature rockets. The rockets fly toward the point at which the targeting reticle was aimed when fired, but they initially leave the launcher tube in a wide cone of random trajectories, so some may hit the floor near the player, or the ceiling if fired in a tight space.
    • Base DPS: 15 health per second (assuming the full spread hits)
    • Energy Usage: 50 energy per second. 12.5 energy is deducted per rocket, so fewer than five shots may be fired if the player runs out of energy. If all five shots are fired, this uses a total of 62.5 energy.
    • Fire Time: 0.25 seconds per rocket fired (1.25 seconds, assuming the full spread is fired)

Name Pool

1st Part 2nd Part 3rd Part
The Boom stick
Miss Kill barrel
(No Part 1) Thunder enator
Mr Death erizer
Holy Storm maker
Beautiful Explode boy
Precious Atom shooter
Awesome Raid boomer
Wicked Charge launcher
Badass Thrash destroyer
Leviathan Rage crusher
Destructive Blast

Known Bugs

  • The explosion from the rocket can damage the player as well as others in multiplayer, regardless of PvP status.



File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem commonrocketlauncher
File Name commonrocketlauncher.activeitem
File Path middle/<variant>.png