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A list of projectile physics parameters. Preset configurations are stored in /projectiles/physics.config but individual parameters may be edited via the movementSettings dict keyword.

Parameter Name Variable Type Description
collisionPoly polyF Hitbox polygon for terrain collision. This is separate from the entity collision poly.
mass float Full meaning unknown. Some "force" applications are divided by this to yield the acceleration. Does not multiply gravity even if negative. Does not appear to affect knockback.
gravityMultiplier float Multiplier applied to ambient gravity. 0 disables gravity, negative numbers invert it.
bounceFactor float Fraction of velocity preserved after terrain collision. Values larger than 1 quickly escalate in confined spaces. Negative values cause the projectile to "slide" across flat surfaces. Values smaller than -1 cause it to get stuck and destroyed even if the number of bounces is not limited.
stopOnFirstBounce bool Unknown, does not seem to affect reflection if bounces are permitted.
collisionEnabled bool If false all terrain collision will be ignored allowing the projectile to penetrate solid walls. Does not prevent entity collision.
ignorePlatformCollision bool If true collision with platform-type terrain will be ignored regardless of approach direction.
airFriction float Units unknown. Speed loss when traveling in air/empty space.
liquidFriction float Units unknown. Speed loss when traveling in liquid. Probably only counts the projectile origin point.
groundFriction float Units unknown. Speed loss when sliding across solid terrain. Probably only effective if many bounces are allowed.
liquidBuoyancy float Vertical acceleration while submerged in liquid. Positive numbers accelerate upwards.
stickyCollision bool If true projectiles will be slowed upon impacting solid terrain, rapidly sticking in place like arrows.
stickyForce float Strength of "sticky" property. Only relevant if other forces act on the projectile, e.g. gravity.
speedLimit float Accepts null. Limits the speed of the projectile including gravity and other acceleration.
maxMovementPerStep float Unknown, possibly maximum distance traveled per game tick to avoid clipping through walls at high speeds.
maximumCorrection float Unknown, probably another engine/discrete time safeguard.
enableSurfaceSlopeCorrection bool Some (not fully functional) engine fix for "rolling" entities like boulders.
slopeSlidingFactor float Strength parameter for slope correction, exact meaning unknown.

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