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These variables are defined in an item's JSON file, found in the assets/items folder. Default parameters are defined in defaultparameters.config.

This table is a list of all parameters found in in-game object files. Modders can add parameters to an item's file, but be aware that overwriting one of these parameters may cause problems.

Parameter Name Variable Type Description
rarity string includes: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Legendary
price int Price in pixels. Influences buying/selling/printing etc
maxStack int Stacks up to this number
description string Weapon's description
shortdescription string Weapon's name. For randomly generated weapons the name is also randomly generated from three predefined part sets.
twoHanded bool If true occupies both hands when wielded
animationCustom json Can be used to define how weapons look and some parts of how they act. Also used to enable some abilities to be used on weapons that they normally aren't found on.
primaryAbility json Defines the parameters of the primary ability such as the dps, how fast the weapon fires or swings, and many more.
primaryAbilityType strig Defines what type of ability the primary fire uses.
altAbility json Does what primaryAbility does, except it defines the parameters of the alternative ability on weapons that have one.
altAbilityType string Defines what type of ability the alternative fire uses.
elementalType string Defines the element of the weapon. Has to be "physical","ice","electric","fire", or "poison". Most staves will break if the element is set to physical, and elemental abilities will also usually break if the element is set to physical.

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