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This is a property of type String.

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Adventurer's Set +Adventurer's Helm  +
Alien Alpaca Set +Alien Alpaca Mask  +
Alien Alpaca Villager Set +Alien Alpaca Real Head  +
Anatomy Set +Human Anatomy Mask  +
Aphotic Set +Aphotic Fin  +
Assassin's Set +Assassin's Mask  +


Bandit Set +Bandit Hat  +
Bandito's Set +Bandito's Sombrero  +
Bonesaw's Set +Bonesaw's Hat  +
Bonesmith's Set +Bonesmith's Skullhat  +
Buccaneer Set +Tricorne Hat  +


Camo Set +Camo Helmet  +
Cannibal's Set +Cannibal's Mask  +
Cardboard Box Set +Cardboard Hat  +
Chef Set +Chef Hat  +
Clockwork Set +Clockwork Hat  +
Combat Medic Set +Combat Medic Helmet  +
Copper Set +Copper Goggles  +
Cowboy Set +Cowboy Hat  +
Creepling Set +Creepling Mask  +
Crusader's Set +Crusader's Helm  +
Cyclops Yeti Set +Cyclops Yeti Mask  +


Dark Knight's Set +Dark Knight's Helm  +
Defector's Set +Defector's Mask  +
Deputy's Set +Deputy's Hat  +
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