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This is a property of type String.

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2stopshop +A shop selling teleporters. This could come in handy.  +
2stopshopclosed +This stall looks closed. I wonder who runs it?  +
2stoptele +If I mark this teleporter I can return here from a different teleporter at any point.  +


3dprinter +A pixel printer... So few people have access to these.  +


Acceleratoraddon +How useful, this will add additional ranged equipment and armour to the replicator.  +
Acceleratortable +A table for crafting equipment ideal for a gunner.  +
Agaranmushroom +It's cuter than the Agarans.  +
Airbooster +The airflow from this vent is low gravity stimulus.  +
Airemblem +The Avian symbol for air.  +
Airlockdoor +A great big airlock door. Sturdy.  +
Airlockhatch +A great big airlock hatch. Sturdy.  +
Alarm +These are used as a deterrent, but also as security.  +
Alertlight +These alarms were common in Apex housing, signalling unacceptable behaviour.  +
Alienbed +I miss my normal bed at home.  +
Alienchair +I'd prefer something less organic.  +
Alienchest +I prefer my chests to be made out of metal.  +
Aliendoor +I wonder how this was constructed?  +
Alientable +I prefer my tables looking more industrial.  +
Alloyfurnace +An iron furnace. I can smelt steel and other materials here.  +
Alpacacomponentrune +This rune is clearly ancient, but indicates some grasp of scientific understanding.  +
Alpacagrowthrune +It's an ancient rune thought to mean personal growth.  +
Alpacahomerune +An old commonplace rune that refers to the concept of home.  +
Alpacaknowledgerune +A rather complex old rune meaning knowledge.  +
Alpacaliferune +It's an old rune for life itself.  +
Alpacaruinrune +It's an ancient rune that means ruin. It is curious that a spiral would mean such a thing.  +
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