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File Details

File Name acceleratortable.object
File Path assets/objects/crafting/acceleratortable
inventoryIcon acceleratortableicon.png

Data Values

Key Value

objectName acceleratortable
rarity Legendary
category Crafting
price 600
race generic
printable False

description For the marksman that needs both energy and defence from their gear!
shortdescription ^orange;Accelerator's Table^white;
apexDescription A table for crafting equipment ideal for a gunner.
avianDescription An accelerator's crafting table. Perfect for the marksman.
floranDescription Sssmart Floran fight from far away.
glitchDescription Impressed. The equipment I could make on this would be ideal for ranged combat.
humanDescription With this I can craft gear with a good balance of defence and energy!
hylotlDescription With this table I can craft equipment ideal for ranged combat.
novakidDescription A gunman can't get a better crafting table than this.
tags crafting, electronic