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This is a property of type String.

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2stopshop +Floran can buy teleportersss from this shop.  +
2stopshopclosed +Floran not sssure what thisss stall iss for.  +
2stoptele +If Floran marksss this teleporter Floran can return here from other teleport machines!  +


3dprinter +Pretty pixelsss print pretty thingss for Floran.  +


Acceleratoraddon +Floran use thisss to add more thingss to replicator.  +
Acceleratortable +Sssmart Floran fight from far away.  +
Agaranmushroom +Floran know your sssecret, little shroomy. Floran keep quiet.  +
Airbooster +Vent makesss Floran go fly!  +
Airemblem +Swishy liness meanss air element.  +
Airlockdoor +Fishman build big sturdy doors! Not bad, Fishman... Not bad...  +
Airlockhatch +Fishman build big sturdy hatchesss! Not bad, Fishman... Not bad...  +
Alarm +Thisss will alert all the guardsss.  +
Alertlight +Ssswirling light. Like firefly in a jar.  +
Alienbed +Plant bed!  +
Alienchair +Floran likesss plant chair. Plant chair isss friend!  +
Alienchest +Purple chessst full of treats for Floran?  +
Aliendoor +Floran like plant door.  +
Alientable +Floran doesn't trussst table!  +
Alloyfurnace +Furnace hisss, ssspit, burn. Floran brave it.  +
Alpacacomponentrune +Ancient runesss... this one means life particless.  +
Alpacagrowthrune +Floran finds it hard to undersstand this rune.  +
Alpacahomerune +Rune meansss home.  +
Alpacaknowledgerune +An intricate rune to symbolise the complex concept of knowledge.  +
Alpacaliferune +An old symbol, it meansss life.  +
Alpacaruinrune +Ancient runesss... this means ruin.  +
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