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This is a property of type String.

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2stopshop +Interested. A vendor selling teleportation devices!  +
2stopshopclosed +Intrigued. This looks like a merchant's stall - I wonder where the merchant is right now?  +
2stoptele +Eager. By marking this teleporter I should be able to return to this point from any other teleporter!  +


3dprinter +In love. Such technology is art.  +


Acceleratoraddon +Excited. Using this module will add additional ranged equipment and armour to the replicator.  +
Acceleratortable +Impressed. The equipment I could make on this would be ideal for ranged combat.  +
Agaranmushroom +Amused. This is a living Agaran, cleverly disguised.  +
Airbooster +Quizzical. An air vent, it seems safe enough.  +
Airemblem +Knowledgeable. I believe this symbol is the Avian Air Emblem.  +
Airlockdoor +Curious. Where is the doorknob?  +
Airlockhatch +Curious. Where is the doorknob?  +
Alarm +Alarmed. This will alert many, I should be careful.  +
Alertlight +Neutral. A coloured light.  +
Alienbed +Suspicious. This bed emits some sort of... Body heat?  +
Alienchair +Observant. The chair is made from organic alien material.  +
Alienchest +Appreciative. What a vibrant colour.  +
Aliendoor +Curious. Is this door alive?  +
Alientable +Uncomfortable. What a bizarre creation.  +
Alloyfurnace +Intrigued. The furnace is the perfect temperature for creating steel and other alloys.  +
Alpacacomponentrune +Respectful. A rune that signifies the most basic element of organic life.  +
Alpacagrowthrune +Serene. The Alpaca communicate the concept of personal growth with this symbol.  +
Alpacahomerune +Quizzical. A rune to mean home, but what does home mean?  +
Alpacaknowledgerune +Intrigued. A rune to mean knowledge.  +
Alpacaliferune +Optimistic. An old rune that represents the virtue of life.  +
Alpacaruinrune +Attentive. An old rune that signifies ruin and decay.  +
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