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This is a property of type String.

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2stopshop +A shop full of teleporters. A set up for the perfect getaway...  +
2stopshopclosed +Is this a merchant's stall? I guess the merchant isn't here right now.  +
2stoptele +It's a teleporter! If I mark it I should be able to return here from a different teleporter whenever I like.  +


3dprinter +Pixel printing... Near god-like power.  +


Acceleratoraddon +Using this adds extra ranged equipment and armour to the replicator!  +
Acceleratortable +With this I can craft gear with a good balance of defence and energy!  +
Agaranmushroom +Needs more caterpillar.  +
Airbooster +Give me a gravity boost!  +
Airemblem +I'm guessing this symbol stands for air or wind.  +
Airlockdoor +This is a departure from the Hylotl's traditional aesthetic.  +
Airlockhatch +This is a departure from the Hylotl's traditional aesthetic.  +
Alarm +If this was a movie I bet this would go off just as I left.  +
Alertlight +These things scream danger.  +
Alienbed +It's warm and spongy to the touch.  +
Alienchair +Is that an alien chair? I don't want to put my butt on it.  +
Alienchest +What's this chest made from?  +
Aliendoor +Who thought a door like this was a good idea?  +
Alientable +Is this table alive? I'm not sure I'm comfortable around it.  +
Alloyfurnace +An iron furnace, hot enough to smelt steel and other materials.  +
Alpacacomponentrune +This is an advanced symbol for such an old rune. It looks like an atom.  +
Alpacagrowthrune +This rune communicates the idea of personal growth in just one symbol.  +
Alpacahomerune +Do people use this rune to refer to home, or to mark their homes to others?  +
Alpacaknowledgerune +If this rune means knowledge, what can I learn from it?  +
Alpacaliferune +This is an old rune that means life, apparently.  +
Alpacaruinrune +This is an old rune that means ruin. How ominous.  +
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