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This is a property of type String.

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2stopshop +A shop sellin' teleporters... If you've got a pot of pixels to spare.  +
2stopshopclosed +I wonder where the shopkeeper is for this here stall?  +
2stoptele +By markin' this teleporter I can teleport straight back here if n' when I find another teleporter.  +


3dprinter +Pixel printing is pretty fancy.  +


Acceleratoraddon +This handy ol' module will add even more to the replicator.  +
Acceleratortable +A gunman can't get a better crafting table than this.  +
Agaranmushroom +What's so special about this mushroom?  +
Airbooster +Sometimes you just need a little boost in life.  +
Airemblem +Looks like a crumblin' Avian carving of wind.  +
Airlockdoor +A tough lookin' door.  +
Airlockhatch +A tough lookin' hatch.  +
Alarm +This here alarm sure will make getting away with loot hard.  +
Alertlight +A light cravin' attention.  +
Alienbed +It's a funny designed bed, that's for sure.  +
Alienchair +Is this a chair made of alien plant?  +
Alienchest +A purple coloured chest.  +
Aliendoor +A very strange looking door indeed...  +
Alientable +I've never seen anythin' like it.  +
Alloyfurnace +The heat radiating is intense. If I could sweat, I'd be sweatin' alright.  +
Alpacacomponentrune +An old rune, it shows the building blocks of life.  +
Alpacagrowthrune +A symbol of personal growth, huh? Pretty advanced stuff.  +
Alpacahomerune +This symbol means home. To me, home is where the heart wanders.  +
Alpacaknowledgerune +A fancy looking' rune, it means something to do with knowledge.  +
Alpacaliferune +A rune to symbolise all life, a tall order for one little rune.  +
Alpacaruinrune +It's an ancient rune that signifies ruin.  +
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