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Removed: No Longer Available

Scifi Dungeon was removed from the game files, and is no longer obtainable.
It was included as placeholder content during early access, and replaced before full release

Scifi Dungeon was a hostile dungeon structure found on tier 4 (Risky) and harder planets. The entrance to the dungeon appeared on the planet's surface as a set of white metal pyramids, two of which were floating, with the dungeon continuing underground. Scifi dungeons were the only dungeons that weakened a planet's gravity in their vicinity.

Scifi dungeons were odd environments. Much of the decor was Apex lab-themed, as were the treasure in the container objects, including high-tech chests that could contain pieces of the Scientist Set. Smashable crystals were found in large numbers, along with small, medium, and large capsules. The only NPC type found in these dungeons, known as pyramidguard, was a hostile Avian type wielding an Avian sword and wearing an Apex helmet and Glitch chest and leg armor. No lore was provided in the game to explain any of this inconsistency.

Each dungeon contained a single dispensing pod. While dangerous, dispensing pods were the player's only source of matter blocks.

Scifi dungeons were removed from the game assets in the Pleased Giraffe beta update. They, along with several other removed dungeons, were subsequently referred to as "placeholder content" by Chucklefish, and no direct replacement has been provided to date.



Name Rarity Type
Cultist Altar Icon.png Dispensing Pod Common