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Space Station Idea Revived

Hey guys, I'm new to the wiki so I'm not going to remake the page since I don't know the formatting policies, but I do want to point out that the idea has come up again, and will actually come back up in a future update. My source is here ( if you want to see it for yourself. The Crusader of Truth (talk) 08:28, 28 May 2017 (BST)

You are correct! This page is going to need a big update with the next patch content. I think it would be cool to keep the old info/images under a 'Alpha' section or something to see what it looked like as concept stuff.Katzeus (talk) 12:58, 29 May 2017 (BST)

Player Station Size

After making approximately 16 long horizontal corridors in a row, I found myself back at where I started, adding the mech bay and an extra space, that makes the stations 50 expansion squares wide. I also found they are 12 squares tall. Each square is 35^2 blocks including the shared hull, therefore 31^2 blocks not including the hull, as the hull is 2 blocks wide on each side, so each expansion square can be said to be 33 blocks. that means that the stations have a total world size of 1650x396 blocks. I wasn't sure if this was relevant enough to put in the wiki, or where to put it. Just thought it was interesting. --Magnymbus (talk) 00:46, 17 June 2017 (BST)

Space station dimensions

I have been building a space station complex of some size to use as a shadow guildhall for as an alternate existing in another game. The new materials are off-the-scale fabulous. The concepts are a huge step forward for builders in Starbound. The choices, the modular items are exciting to use. But I already have a wish list. When I add a module to the station, say a core or a corner, I can see only part of the whole. I understand and accept that in order for the station to be indestructible it has to be saved to a read-only file. But this is daunting if you are building anything of size and complexity. Building blind, and on my 5th attempt, I have learned the following: There is a N-S limit to the station's size. The port is not centre of the N-S axis but towards the top limit - I have not yet determined its exact position on a vertical grid. E-W is interesting. Having marked out the N and S limits I spun out large cores horizontally to see how far I could go and ended at my starting point: it's a cylinder! I have a long way to go before I reach the ideal guildhall, and I leave behind great stations that do not fit our needs for future explorers and needy npcs. On my wish list is that we could have a base grid of the whole area laid out flat so we can really plot our zones and create symmetry. That also would call for the kind of entry we find in, say, Hylotl under-ocean colonies, where the E and W ports are true mirror images. The beacons are great, would be greater if they could signal both directions for explorers coming back to base. Maybe all this is here and I am missing something. Wouldn't be new! One more thing: I noticed somewhere that Starbound intends in the future to allow for social places like guilds. Well, folks, the future is here. The Knights Errant Guild in Spiral Knights has a crossover, a "shadow guild" in Starbound, and thanks to a great update its members now will have two Guildhalls: their present planet-based one and a whole new station up in Space! --Soeurwulf (talk) 01:50, 16 June 2017

Some useful facts

  • The beacons point in whatever direction it's closest, so there's no use in it pointing is both directions.
  • Your station spawns the teleporter on row 8, meaning you have 5 layers above you and 7 layers below you.
  • The space station area is 13 x 50.
  • It does loop around like a planet. --Zunnfix (talk) 15:24, 28 June 2017 (UTC)

Full Station Customization - Legit Method Recommended

Ok, so there's a method to make your Space Station fully customizable. But, shouldn't there be a more legit method to achieve this without using administrative console commands?

I was thinking for the next 1.3 minor update, we add in an additional prompt to the transponder interface to choose between a modular or free-building station. We might decide to phase out modular stations, if we can make this work.

In order to make free-building stations possible, we need to add a missing factor involving mechs: construction tools! The Mech tools at this point can only raze block and destroy enemies. There has to be a set construction tools to place blocks from inside the mech. Say, if you had a fusion cutter on the left mech arm, you can only place blocks in the foreground. Then, with a Mechanized Matter Manipulator on the right arm, you can place block in the background. You need both tools mentioned to build on both planes. However, this limits the Mech's combat strength, plus you if your build is gonna take several sols in-game, you will need to beam back and forth, to and from your ship to replenish the mech's energy, as well as resupply your block materials. I never said this would be easy for the purist that fends off temptation to use console commands.

BUT, to place blocks, you need blocks already deployed in your build. So, instead of the modular base, why not a simple platform? Homing beacon included, mind you. Now, the platform can't be broken down, however, I forgot to mention about one more prompt, Station Theme. Dirty or clean, for underling slums or for presidential suites, this prompt will allow you to choose the look of the platform, to suit the overall aesthetic of the station, provided you have blocks crafted for that look (i.e. Scrap Panels for Derelict Platforms, Rusty for Neglected Platforms, etc.). Background blocks always use Light Metal blocks, but that might change, in further updates.