Terrene protectorate storage facility

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The Terrene Protectorate Storage Facility is a rare Space Encounter consisting of a large[1] unmineable Rusty Panel rectangle with an entrance on the left side. After passing through a hallway with Twiguns, Wired Target doors, and a Rustick barrier, there is a vault room with an Astro Storage Locker containing a Protector's Mech Body blueprint. The player's SAIL has no records of this facility existing.

The encounter seems similar in design to (but significantly smaller than) The Dantalion mission.

The colors of white and yellow are reminiscent of the intro mission buildings and astro ships, but may also be a nod to the Federation's colors in FTL.


Appears only in extreme encounters[2]

Possibly more rare than other encounters?Template:Citation needed



  1. about 2 screens wide (with the zoom setting at 2x), and almost as tall as the map
  2. https://www.reddit.com/r/starbound/comments/74e6ml/found_a_terrene_protectorate_storage_anomaly/dny38t4/