Yellow Petal

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Yellow Petal Icon.png
Yellow Petal
Crafting Material
Yellow Petal.png

A yellow petal, could be turned into dye.

Yellow Petal is crafting material gathered from flowers. It is used in the production of dye.

Ingredient for

Flower Block Icon.png Flower Block (50) 1
Giant Flower Bed Icon.png Giant Flower Bed 15
Giant Flower Chair Icon.png Giant Flower Chair 5
Giant Flower Chest Icon.png Giant Flower Chest 5
Giant Flower Table Icon.png Giant Flower Table 10
Green Stim Pack Icon.png Green Stim Pack 2
Moving Sunflower Icon.png Moving Sunflower 30
Orange Stim Pack Icon.png Orange Stim Pack 2
Spring Chest Icon.png Spring Chest 4
Yellow Dye Icon.png Yellow Dye 5
Yellow Stim Pack Icon.png Yellow Stim Pack 4



File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem petalyellow
File Name petalyellow.item
File Path assets\items\generic\crafting