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/admin is a command that toggles admin privileges on or off.

On multiplayer servers there are several settings that can block players from gaining admin privileges. They are discussed here.

Players with admin privileges:

  • Can access admin-only commands such as /spawnitem
  • Receive no damage from enemy attacks
  • Have infinite Health and Energy
  • Experience no Hunger meter depletion
  • Have virtually infinite reach with the Matter Manipulator
  • Can access all recipes in each crafting interface
  • Can craft items at no cost
  • Can beam to their ship from any location
  • Can access debug mode


These admin commands may be used to obtain things such as ship upgrades and pixels immediately.

Obtaining Pixels

You can use the /spawnitem command to obtain pixels directly.

  • Activate admin privileges.
  • Use the chat menu and type in "/spawnitem money 100000", then press enter to spawn 100,000 pixels.

A second way to obtain 10,000 or more pixels, is to use admin privileges to un-compress voxels.

  • Activate admin privileges.
  • Use a Pixel Compressor and select the "Pixels (x10000)" option in the second tab of the Pixel Compressor's menu. Craft the item. With admin privileges you do not require Voxels to create items.

Another way to obtain pixels is to sell 10k Voxels, which requires a store to be accessible.

  • Activate admin privileges.
  • Go to a store that allows you to sell items.
  • Use the chat menu and type in "/spawnitem voxel10k 1000" then press enter to spawn 1,000 10k Voxels.
  • Sell the 1,000 10K Voxels.

Ship Upgrade

To obtain the ship upgrades immediately using the Admin Commands, follow these steps.

  • Activate admin privileges.
  • Type in "/spawnitem shipT2" then use the item that spawns to gain the ability to explore more planets.
  • Type it in again but with the number 2 replaced with 3 and use that item to get the ability to explore the universe.
  • Repeat the prior process with the numbers 4 through 8 to get the increased ship sizes.

Basic Tech

To obtain the basic tech immediately using the Admin Commands, follow these steps.

  • Activate admin privileges.
  • Type in "/enabletech distortionsphere" to enable the Distortion Sphere.
  • Type in "/enabletech dash" to enable the Dash.
  • Type in "/enabletech doublejump" to enable the Pulse Jump.

Obtaining Manipulator Modules

To get the amount of modules needed to upgrade the Matter Manipulator fully, follow these steps.

  • Activate admin privileges.
  • Type in "/spawnitem manipulatormodule 191" to acquire the required amount of Manipulator Modules to fully upgrade the Matter Manipulator.