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Wiki Page Hylotl Spawner

File Details

File Name spawner_hylotl.object
File Path assets\objects\spawner\spawners
inventoryIcon defaulticon.png

Data Values

Key Value

objectName spawnerhylotl
rarity Common
category spawner
price 100
race hylotl
printable False
description Spawn your very own Hylotl villager!
shortdescription Hylotl Spawner
apexDescription Spawning Hylotls. Uh... maybe later.
avianDescription I'll have to take care not to use this too often.
floranDescription Floran sssummon fishman right into sssword!
glitchDescription Insincere. A Hylotl gathering would be just wonderful.
humanDescription Well, I guess one Hylotl wouldn't hurt...
hylotlDescription What joy! I can finally surround myself with culture again.
tags misc