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How Can I Help the Wiki?

Most users who would like to help the wiki aren't sure where to start. Here's a list of some helpful links to get you started with what needs attention.

You can also check the Projects page for ongoing efforts to improve the wiki.

Adding Items

If you find something the wiki is missing then create the page! Different item types use different templates, make sure you're using the right one from the options below.

Item Template This is the template for most items in the game.
Weapon Template This is the template for any melee weapons. Here's a sandbox page to test it.
Gun Template This is the template for any guns.

Updating Item Information

Placeholder Information A listing of objects with incomplete, missing, or copied information. If they need renamed, follow the steps in the article on renaming pages.
Missing Icons This is a listing of objects missing icons. Follow the steps in the article on adding icons
Missing Images This is a listing of objects missing images. Upload the image and update the template info on the item page.

Cleaning up Articles

Article Stubs This is a listing of articles flagged as 'stubs'. These articles are very incomplete and need to be written more fully.
Article Cleanups Pages marked for cleanup. These have probably very specific issues. A cleanup description can be found on each individual page.
Dead-end Pages Dead end pages are those that have no links to any other pages. These pages do not count toward the wiki's total page count. They need review, and links added if necessary.
Broken File Links / Wanted Files These are pages that have links to pages that do not exist. The links need to be fixed or the pages added.

Adding Images

Articles Needing Images These pages need images of some sort, like screenshots or gifs.

Wiki Editing Guides