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To avoid conflicts with other mods, you can claim ranges of material IDs for your mods here. Check this list before making your materials, and add your IDs to the table.

Check the Guidelines section below for information about adding your own mod.

Valid values for material IDs are in the range 0-65535. At least 0-300 (as of v. Enraged Koala) are used for the default materials, and 65520-65535 are MetaMaterials used internally by the engine to build things like dungeons, ships or to represent empty space. A material ID above 65535 will throw an exception.


Visual Effect Explanation
Conflict with WIP mods
Conflict with released mods

Work in Progress (WIP) Mods

This is the table for mods that are still WIP or yet to be released.

Mods in this list are less prioritized than the ones in the already released list. Please check the other table to make sure you're not using IDs taken by released mods.

Don't forget to move your mod to the other table when it is out of WIP.

ID Range Materials Material Path Mod Author(s)
301-311 TFD stuff items/materials WIP Teleforcedeathray
600-610 Stuff [somewhere] LowestFormOfWit LowestFormOfWit
700-710 Various items/materials Unreleased xxswatelitexx
900-910 Various items/materials Unreleased AstralGhost
1255-1260 Various items/materials Unreleased SpiderDave
1650-1652 Tin Ore, Tin Blocks tiles/mods and items/materials WIP StikElLoco
1700-1899 Various Race&more Unreleased Zubarus
1900-2000 Various
Conflict with:
[Released Mod] Endgame Expansion (ID 1990-2000)
materials Unreleased liberalSpaceship
2000-2100 Various Race&more Encounter Mod (C.T.O) Work in Progress Gniolliv
2100-2200 Various Race&more Mod Released Xeno's InvaderZim
2600-2610 Various items/materials Work in Progress Janothia
2800-2900 Various items/materials, tiles/mods Neon (WIP) Rsleeezy
3100-3150 Edgebound Core items/materials Work in Progress Edgebound Team
3201-3300 Vanta Race items/materials, tiles/mods Unreleased/WIP Absolute Xero
4000-4005 Various items/materials Unreleased king of roombas
4000-4200 Various items/materials, tiles/materials, tiles/mods Released (WIP) Lord IronBorne
4201-4202 Rubium & Cerulium Ore /tiles/mods Betabound (Released (WIP)) Sock_Bunny
4400 Energy Block tiles/materials Unreleased SentientSupper
4800-4850 Various items/materials Unreleased Tundra
5000-5015 Various
Possible conflict with:
[Released Mod] Architecturizer (ID 5000-5100)
materials Released, WIP Evil Parrot
5851-5999 Various items/materials Work in Progress Shinigami Apples
6000-6199 Various items/materials Work in Progress Sentient Cookie
6200-6399 Various items/materials Work in Progress Panthera Pardus
6400-6499 Various items/materials Unreleased Lazarus78
6962-6968 Skyrails /tiles/skyrail, tiles/skyrail Betabound (Released (WIP)) Sock_Bunny
7700-7800 Various items/materials, tiles/materials Unreleased Blood
8900-9000 Various items/materials Unreleased Isaac MacPherson
10100-10500 Various items/materials Unreleased TanzNukeTerror
10501-10999 Various items/materials Unreleased Lazarus78/JunosatoRyu
11000-11200 Various items/materials Unreleased Towja
11201-11250 Starbound Industries materials items/materials Starbound Industries (unreleased) UniQMG
11251-11351 Various items/materials WIP (Private/Unreleased) public_enema
12700-12710 Various items/materials WIP (Private/Unreleased) Lightsourced
14000-14010 Various items/materials EFext (Unreleased) Idanwin
17000-17450 Various items/materials Unreleased InferusRF
18000-18015 Various items/materials Hav'on Maw Race mod (Unreleased) Chess
22000-22500 Various items/materials (WIP) Project Starbound Reawaken Jackal Chan
25000-25500 Splatoon tiles/materials Unreleased Zilten
26500-26600 The Epiphenic Hive items/materials or items/tiles WIP under the same name on Steam Workshop  ?!?!/Interrobang^2
33000-34000 madtulip Spaceship mod (SivCorp compatibility edit) items/materials unreleased yet [SivCorp]
34001-34500 Lorebound items/materials WIP/Beta Smorgasmackan
37000-37100 Various [tbd] Unreleased (Star)Weaver
37200-37700 Various [tbd] WIP DraikNova
37701-37800 Pickle Crafting items/materials WIP Alpho
37801-38800 Various [tbd] WIP (Unreleased) LegoMaster3650
400178-400184 Skyrails /items/skyrail Betabound (Released (WIP)) Sock_Bunny
44000-44160 Various items/materials WIP Hipolipolopigus
47010-47030 Various/sloped glass panels items/materials, tiles/materials WIP rl_extramaterials rl.starbound
47330-47350 Custom matmods tiles/mods WIP species intros rl.starbound
47400-47600 WIP mod tiles/mods/items WIP FR4C74LH3X
50101-50200 TheBrokenDays [WIP] items/materials WIP Celina
50201-50230 Ardani & Onodrim [WIP] items/materials WIP OrangeJuice
51100-51175 The Avyon Race [WIP] items/materials WIP Nebulox
53000-53020 Woggles! items/materials WIP GXyon & Turbozero
55511 Wild Instruments items/materials WIP ASquishedFishPattyOnABun
60000-60001 Starbound: Universal Expansion items/materials WIP bconlonGaming/Yeeol
60000-60099 Spacebabes tiles/materials Work In Progress AD
62000-62001 Starbound: Protectors Edition various WIP MrCoal
63800-64100 Builder Palette Extender items/materials WIP ZaChrome
65210-65249 Berry's Bits items/materials WIP Berry
65281-65290 Chitten (WIP/Unreleased) stuff items/materials Chitten (Unreleased) Mimaah

Released Mods and Vanilla

This is the table for IDs used by already released mods (not Work in Progress) and vanilla.

Mods in this list are more prioritized than the ones in the WIP list.

ID Range Materials Material Path Mod Author(s)
1-300 Vanilla items/materials Vanilla Chucklefish
312-332 Glow Blocks items/materials Glow Blocks Lantzalot
333 Vanilla items/materials Vanilla Chucklefish
334-349 More Blocks items/materials More Blocks Matt
350 Vanilla items/materials Vanilla Chucklefish
351-352 Wallpapers items/materials and tiles/materials IKN Furnishing (CommunitySteam) IzzyKuroNeko (CommunitySteam) and Ishveth (CommunitySteam)
357 Vanilla items/materials Vanilla Chucklefish
360 Vanilla items/materials Vanilla Chucklefish
361-403 Wallpapers items/materials and tiles/materials IKN Furnishing (CommunitySteam) IzzyKuroNeko (CommunitySteam) and Ishveth (CommunitySteam)
404 Blocks items/materials No idea who as no one registered it but at least 2 mods somewhere use it in steam N/A
405-406 Wallpapers items/materials and tiles/materials IKN Furnishing (CommunitySteam) IzzyKuroNeko (CommunitySteam) and Ishveth (CommunitySteam)
407-410 Vanilla items/materials Vanilla Chucklefish
411-435 Various items/materials Deep Kingdom Anakin
453-476 Stained Glass Stuff items/materials or items/tiles Stained Glass Sevidra
500 Greenscreen Block items/materials or items/tiles Greenscreen Block DrPvtSkittles
501-507 Various tiles/mods More Gems Satanicpotatocat
550 Vanilla items/materials Vanilla Chucklefish
551-560 Various tiles/materials Weapons Addition Spazdiesfirst360.0
570 Vanilla items/materials Vanilla Chucklefish
657 Vanilla items/materials Vanilla Chucklefish
666 Vanilla items/materials Vanilla Chucklefish
776 Vanilla items/materials Vanilla Chucklefish
711 Cloth Block items/materials Cloth Block ViewerMarcus
712-717 Sloped Blocks items/materials More Slopes Cynic
718 Draconis Hull Block items/materials Draconis Race Tweaks Cynic
719 Draconis Hull Block (Purple) items/materials Draconis Recolour Lite, Draconis Recolour Cynic
887-889 Vanilla items/materials Vanilla Chucklefish
990 Vanilla items/materials Vanilla Chucklefish
1007 Vanilla items/materials Vanilla Chucklefish
1011 Vanilla items/materials Vanilla Chucklefish
1164 Vanilla items/materials Vanilla Chucklefish
1177 Vanilla items/materials Vanilla Chucklefish
1182 Vanilla items/materials Vanilla Chucklefish
1185 Vanilla items/materials Vanilla Chucklefish
1187 Vanilla items/materials Vanilla Chucklefish
1293 Vanilla items/materials Vanilla Chucklefish
1333 Vanilla items/materials Vanilla Chucklefish
1391-1392 Vanilla items/materials Vanilla Chucklefish
1430-1431 Vanilla items/materials Vanilla Chucklefish
1433 Vanilla items/materials Vanilla Chucklefish
1444 Vanilla items/materials Vanilla Chucklefish
1400-1450 Greckan Stuff items/materials Greckan Race Mod Inf_Wolf14
1451 Vanilla items/materials Vanilla Chucklefish
1500-1510 Various tiles/rails CopperStuff Der Trutinator
1550 Vanilla items/materials Vanilla Chucklefish
1590-1591 Vanilla items/materials Vanilla Chucklefish
1600-1620 Various tiles/Ores ISE4-Reconstruction DraLUSAD
1640 Vanilla items/materials Vanilla Chucklefish
1666 Vanilla items/materials Vanilla Chucklefish
1990-2008 Endgame Expansion materials Extended Story Lunar Eye Gaming
2009 Irken Wall materials Xeno's InvaderZim Mod RoboticMasterMind
2010 Irken Plate materials Xeno's InvaderZim Mod RoboticMasterMind
2011-2016 Endgame Expansion materials Extended Story Lunar Eye Gaming
2019 Irken Girder materials Xeno's InvaderZim Mod RoboticMasterMind
2185 Irken Pipe materials Xeno's InvaderZim Mod RoboticMasterMind
2200-2206 Chocolate Blocks items/materials Chocolate Biome DoomFire
2200-2299 Various items/materials Frackin Universe & Prop Pack AsPerrUsual & Sentient Cookie
2300-2499 Various items/materials More Tiles & Greebles Storm_UK
2573 Vanilla items/materials Vanilla Chucklefish
2574 Blocks items/materials Holoblocks Bam4000
3015-3065 Blocks items/materials Community Block Additions Lileats
3302 Jelon Block tiles/materials CN More Farming: Revitalization ColonolNutty
3304 Toffee Block tiles/materials CN More Farming: Revitalization ColonolNutty
3400-3600 Peglaci Stuff items/materials The Peglaci Djinn
3601-3700 Arachne items/materials Arachne Quintexial
4200-4399 Orcana Stuff items/materials The Orcana Nemasys
4467-4468 Vanilla items/materials Vanilla Chucklefish
4995-4999 Ship Blocks items/materials Tier Nine Ships eLe
5000-5100 Architecturizer items/materials New Blocks & Objects ThePhail
5200-5220 Protectorate blocks items/materials Protectorate Repowered DragonnFire29
5724-5730 Metal Pipes items/materials/pipes Starfoundry metadept & Starfoundry Team
5731-5737 Sewer Pipes items/materials Starfoundry metadept & Starfoundry Team
5738-5744 Clean Sewer Pipes items/materials Starfoundry metadept & Starfoundry Team
5745-5784 Pipes water flow items/materials/pipes Add Pipes liquid flow Erazil
5785-5850 Gyrusens+ items/materials Gyrusens+ GXyon & L4DTurboZero
6100 Better Chains, Alternative items/materials Better Chains, Alternative Sentient Cookie
6200-6899 FrackinUniverse items/materials Frackin Universe Sayter
6900 Various tiles/materials Weapons Addition Spazdiesfirst360.0
6969 Vanilla items/materials Vanilla Chucklefish
7000-7050 StarTroid items/materials StarTroid Seeko
7051-7052 Forcefield Block items/materials Forcefield Block Seeko
7160-7174 Vepr Ship items/materials Vepr Ship(revived) bk3k
(originally ProkhorVLG)
7175-7250 Lighted Platforms, liquid blocking, various modified items/materials bk3k's blocks and objects bk3k
7301-7330 Pixel Goods Store items/materials Pixel Goods Store Boogy
8000-8150 Skath Race items/materials Skath Race Skath Race team
8001-8015 Luxury blocks collection items/materials Luxury blocks collection Cera Ralaz
8726-8763 Automatic Irrigator items/materials Automatic Irrigator Spacedino
8764-8767 Various items/materials CLeF dsp2003
9001-9029 Felin Stuff items/materials Felins Kawa
9110-9114 Glowing Neon Blocks items/materials Glowing Neon Blocks Jupiter_Five
9101-9150 BuildEx items/materials BuildEx(outdated) Hatsya Souji
9991-9996 Glowing Gels items/materials Glowing Gels I Said No
9997-10004 Effect Gels items/materials Effect Gels I Said No
10016-10019 Obsidian Tiles, Beam, Pillar items/materials Obsidian Furniture I Said No
10021-10023 Floor Webbing, Ceiling Webbing, Webbed Stone items/materials Underground Spider Nest I Said No
10024 Red Glowing Rock items/materials Magnetic Planets I Said No
10025 Sloped Wood Block items/materials Sloped Wood Blocks I Said No
10026 Sloped Glass Block items/materials Sloped Glass Blocks I Said No
10027-10031 Smooth Moonstone, Moonstone Tile , Moonstone Support Beam, Moonstone Railings, Moonstone Platform items/materials Moonstone Furniture I Said No
10061-10064 Magmarock with Lava, Magmarock Bricks, Magmarock Support Beam, Magmarock Platform items/materials Magmarock Furniture I Said No
11300-11350 Delusive Dimensions items/materials Delusive Dimensions GXyon & L4DTurboZero
11500-11999 Wasp Hive Blocks items/materials Wasp Hive GTG3000
12000-12100 Nostalgic Greenery Tiles items/materials Nostalgic Greenery Charlatan
12100-12200 Nostalgic Greenery Tiles ground mods/grass Nostalgic Greenery Charlatan
12501-12525 Avali Blocks items/materials Avali (Triage) Race Mod Avali Triage team
12900-12999 Castlevania Blocks items/materials Castlevania Mod MasterCookie
13000-13117 The Viera of Ivalice items/materials The Viera of Ivalice AmazonValkyrie
13500-13617 Super SB Peach & Daisy items/materials Super SB Peach & Daisy AmazonValkyrie
14500-14510 Various items/materials Lego M-Tron Lego Blacktron Okralord
15000-15019 Gem stuff, invisible wall tiles/materials Steven Universe Gem race mod SpaceDonkeyKong
15021-15132 111 chemical elements. tiles/materials Elemental Correstialism Hellession
15133-15200 Various tiles/materials Elemental Correstialism Hellession
16000-16050 Hard Slime Glob, Slime Platform, Strong Slime Glob, Sticky Slime Glob tiles/materials Slime Race Mod XelSlime
18000-18021 Placed ores tiles/materials Display Ores Reika
18500-18511 Various tiles/materials Prop Pack AsPerrUsual / rare_candy_bracelet
18700-18712 Static Blocks tiles/materials Static Blocks Kirisong
18713-18719 Glowing Colored Neon Blocks Mod tiles/materials [1] Sea Pickle
19200-19300 Neon Melon Block (19201), Pumpkin Block(19202), Sugar Block (19204), Sugarcane Block (19204), Chocolate Block - Plain (19205), Chocolate Block - Dark (19206), Chocolate Block - White (19207), Chocolate Brick - Dark (19208), Chocolate Brick - Plain (19209), Chocolate Brick - White (19210), Hard Chocolate Block - Dark (19211), Hard Chocolate Block - Plain (19212), Hard Chocolate Block - White (19213), Soft Chocolate Block - Dark (19214), Soft Chocolate Block - Plain (19215), Soft Chocolate Block - White (19216) tiles/materials CN More Farming: Revitalization ColonolNutty
19200 - 19300 chocolatemoddarkMFM (19217), chocolatemoddarkplainMFM (19218), chocolatemoddarkplainwhiteMFM (19219), chocolatemoddarkwhiteMFM (19220), chocolatemodplainMFM (19221), chocolatemodplainwhiteMFM (19222), chocolatemodwhiteMFM (19223) tiles/mods CN More Farming: Revitalization ColonolNutty
19900-20000 Passho Block items/materials Gallavoir Mackinz / Princess of Evil
19901-19904 Bloxels items/materials Bloxels Mackinz
19990 Wicker Platform items/materials Rattan / CN More Farming: Revitalization Mackinz / ColonolNutty
20001-20200 Various items/materials VoxelPlus Meteor_Strike
20201-20208 Mod Material (carpets) tiles/mods Carpet Tool GonDragon
20400-20453 Grassed Blocks items/materials Grassification Station Markelius
21000-21010 Rails items/materials or tiles/rails Enhanced Rails Jay
21420-21425 Hemp+ items/materials Hemp+ SkyeTheTerribleBeastie
23000-23100 StarTrekBound items/materials StarTrekBound zeeHtaa
24000-24499 Compatibility Patches items/materials Compatibility Patches Zoomah
25501-25550 Umbral Coalition items/materials Umbral Coalition Vetpetmon
26000-26100 Skittles Kin Races items/materials or items/tiles Terrakin and Clownkin DrPvtSkittles
26200-26300 Shellguard items/materials Shellguard: Starbound Expansion Remastered Travelling Merchant / Princess of Evil
27000 poopies tiles/materials The Poop Dimension patman (oh yeah woo yeah)
30001-30027 MadTulips Spaceship Mods Ship Tiles
Compatibility patch:
ID 55501 - MadTulips/Elithian Compat Patch
materials MadTulips Spaceship Mods MadTulip
30000-30250 Avikan Race Mod (+Elithian Alliance Races Mod) items/materials Avikan Race Mod Aegonian
31000-31025 Sheila's Workshop items/materials and items/tiles Sheila's Workshop The Kat of Kats
35230-35249 Wabbels items/materials Wabbels Teihoo, MrMock
35250-35260 Elunite Race Mod items/materials Elunite Race Mod Omnija & Sotaeko
42000-42999 Hull Plating Blocks items/materials Hull Plating Blocks(original), Hull Plating Blocks(revived) bk3k
(originally simulatoralive)
43000-43020 Cyberspace items/materials Cyberspace Sandbox Jane Dorable
45000-45029 Javabound items/materials Javabound tobynet & ArigatoJava Team
46000-46100 Various items/materials PenguinPiracyMod ManicRykker
46101-46116 United Systems Expansion materials United Systems Expansion Medicfast90/Soldierfast90
46199 Prey: Gloo Cannon materials Prey: Gloo Cannon Medicfast90/Soldierfast90
49000-49199 Better Crafted Blocks items/materials Better Crafted Blocks Miss Andri
49800-49999 Various (currently only Extended Logic) items/materials Extended Logic ThinkInvisible
50000-50003 Tiles items/materials Starhammer40k Maverick
50000-50100 Gorfob's Mods items/materials Gorfob's Mods Gorfob
50300-50302 Engine Blocks and Cables (with the patch) items/materials Engine Blocks & Cables Butternubs
51000-51030 Protectorate Themed Blocks items/materials Protectorate Themed Blocks Maya de Garde
51254-51268 MadTulips Modded Blocks tiles MadTulips Modded Blocks thakyZ
52028-52039 MadTulips Spaceship Mod (FU Compatible), Platforms IDs platforms [2] A-Vladimir
52570 Core Tech tiles/materials Core Tech AndrielChaoti & Dawn Felstar
54700-54721 The Saturnians items/materials The Saturnians Cyan Sky Knight (Skyligh)
55501-55527 MadTulips Spaceship Mod (FU Compatible), Tile IDs tiles [3] A-Vladimir
55501-55526 MadTulips Spaceship Mods, Tile IDs changed tiles MadTulips/Elithian Compat Patch thegamemaster1234
65200-65210 Rail Metamaterials metamaterials Enhanced Rails Jay
65250-65260 VosNet items/materials VosNet Vos
65270-65280 Mousqutaire Stuff items/materials Mousqutaires the420urchin
65520-65535 MetaMaterial [engine internal] Vanilla (see above) Chucklefish