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In Starbound, there is only a certain number of liquid IDs available. To avoid conflicts with other mods, you can claim ranges of Liquid IDs for your mods here. The range of possible liquid IDs ranges from 1 to 255, so, please, check this list before making your Liquids, and add your IDs to the table. (Please don't claim more than you actually use!)

Liquid ID # Liquid Liquid Path Mod Author(s)
1 Water /liquids Vanilla Chucklefish
2 Lava /liquids Vanilla Chucklefish
3 Poison /liquids Vanilla Chucklefish
5 Oil /liquids Vanilla Chucklefish
6 Healing Water /liquids Vanilla Chucklefish
7 Coconut Milk /liquids Vanilla Chucklefish
8 Core Lava /liquids Vanilla Chucklefish
11 Liquid Erchius Fuel /liquids Vanilla Chucklefish
12 Swamp Water /liquids Vanilla Chucklefish
13 Slime /liquids Vanilla Chucklefish
15 Acid /liquids StarTroid SeekoDestroyer
17 Liquid Jelly /liquids Vanilla Chucklefish
20 liquidcoal /liquids mORE Liquids SevenGaming
21 liquidcopper /liquids mORE Liquids SevenGaming
22 liquidsilver /liquids mORE Liquids SevenGaming
23 liquidgold /liquids mORE Liquids SevenGaming
24 liquidiron /liquids mORE Liquids SevenGaming
25 liquidtungsten /liquids mORE Liquids SevenGaming
26 liquidtitanium /liquids mORE Liquids SevenGaming
27 liquidpixel /liquids mORE Liquids SevenGaming
36 Nectar /liquids The Saturnians Skyligh
40 bloodliquid /liquids FrackinUniverse Sayter
41 bio_ooze /liquids FrackinUniverse Sayter
42 blacktar /liquids FrackinUniverse Sayter
43 organicsoup /liquids FrackinUniverse Sayter
44 protociteliquid /liquids FrackinUniverse Sayter
45 elderfluid /liquids FrackinUniverse Sayter
46 sulphuricacid /liquids FrackinUniverse Sayter
47 irradiumliquid /liquids FrackinUniverse Sayter
48 mercuryliquid /liquids FrackinUniverse Sayter
49 helium3gas /liquids FrackinUniverse Sayter
50 shadowgas /liquids FrackinUniverse Sayter
51 gravrain /liquids FrackinUniverse Sayter
52 fuironliquid /liquids FrackinUniverse Sayter
53 pus /liquids FrackinUniverse Sayter
54 fuhoney /liquids FrackinUniverse Sayter
55 alienjuice /liquids FrackinUniverse Sayter
56 liquidnitrogen /liquids FrackinUniverse Sayter
57 fuhoneyred /liquids FrackinUniverse Sayter
58 wastewater /liquids FrackinUniverse Sayter
59 crystalliquid /liquids FrackinUniverse Sayter
60 darkwater /liquids FrackinUniverse Sayter
61 fakeliquidlava /liquids coloredwatermod Cross
61 beer /liquids FrackinUniverse Sayter
62 fakeliquidpoison /liquids coloredwatermod Cross
62 fuhydrogengas /liquids FrackinUniverse Sayter
63 sodaliquidwater /liquids coloredwatermod Cross
63 funitrogengas /liquids FrackinUniverse Sayter
64 bloodliquidwater /liquids coloredwatermod Cross
64 poisongas /liquids FrackinUniverse Sayter
65 redliquidwater /liquids coloredwatermod Cross
65 fuquicksand /liquids FrackinUniverse Sayter
66 blackliquidwater /liquids coloredwatermod Cross
66 metallichydrogen /liquids FrackinUniverse Sayter
67 blueliquidwater /liquids coloredwatermod Cross
67 liquiddeuterium /liquids FrackinUniverse Sayter
68 brownliquidwater /liquids coloredwatermod Cross
68 metallichydrogenliquid /liquids FrackinUniverse Sayter
69 greenliquidwater /liquids coloredwatermod Cross
69 sludge /liquids FrackinUniverse Sayter
70 greyliquidwater /liquids coloredwatermod Cross
70 orangegravrain /liquids FrackinUniverse Sayter
71 orangeliquidwater /liquids coloredwatermod Cross
72 pinkliquidwater /liquids coloredwatermod Cross
73 purpleliquidwater /liquids coloredwatermod Cross
74 whiteliquidwater /liquids coloredwatermod Cross
75 yellowliquidwater /liquids coloredwatermod Cross
76 invisibleliquidwater /liquids coloredwatermod Cross
77 strawberrysodaliquidwater /liquids coloredwatermod Cross
78 grapesodaliquidwater /liquids coloredwatermod Cross
79 raspberrysodaliquidwater /liquids coloredwatermod Cross
80 creamsodaliquidwater /liquids coloredwatermod Cross
81 hilldewsodaliquidwater /liquids coloredwatermod Cross
82 blueraspberrysodaliquidwater /liquids coloredwatermod Cross
83 honey /liquids Bees Cactuar
84 cottoncandyliquidwater /liquids coloredwatermod Cross
85 appleliquidwater /liquids coloredwatermod Cross
86 pineappleliquidwater /liquids coloredwatermod Cross
87 orangesodaliquidwater /liquids coloredwatermod Cross
88 clearsodaliquidwater /liquids coloredwatermod Cross
89 chocowhiteliquidwater /liquids coloredwatermod Cross
90 chocomilkliquidwater /liquids coloredwatermod Cross
90 Liquid Metal /liquids Magnetic Planets I Said No
91 chocodarkliquidwater /liquids coloredwatermod Cross
92 creamcoffeeliquidwater /liquids coloredwatermod Cross
93 darkcoffeeliquidwater /liquids coloredwatermod Cross
94 orangejuiceliquidwater /liquids coloredwatermod Cross
95 bluelemonadeliquidwater /liquids coloredwatermod Cross
96 pinklemonadeliquidwater /liquids coloredwatermod Cross
97 lemonadeliquidwater /liquids coloredwatermod Cross
98 applejuiceliquidwater /liquids coloredwatermod Cross
99 liquidsap /liquids MoreGems Satanicpotatocat
100 liquidaether /liquids FrackinUniverse Sayter
110 quicksand /liquids Elithian Races Mod Aegonian
111 centensianliquid /liquids Elithian Races Mod Aegonian
112 ecsulfurousacid /liquids Elemental Correstialism Hellession
113 ecsulfuricacid /liquids Elemental Correstialism Hellession
114 ecoceanwater /liquids Elemental Correstialism Hellession
115 ecbromine /liquids Elemental Correstialism Hellession
116 ecmercury /liquids Elemental Correstialism Hellession
117 eccarbonicacid /liquids Elemental Correstialism Hellession
118 ecarsenicacid /liquids Elemental Correstialism Hellession
119 echydrochloricacid /liquids Elemental Correstialism Hellession
120 echydrofluoricacid /liquids Elemental Correstialism Hellession
121 ecblood /liquids Elemental Correstialism Hellession
130 akkimariacid /liquids Elithian Races Mod Aegonian
131 remnantliquid /liquids Elithian Races Mod Aegonian
137 vnliquidpluranium /liquids VosNet Vos
138 liquidchocolateMFM /liquids CN More Farming: Revitalization ColonolNutty
139 liquiddarkchocolateMFM /liquids CN More Farming: Revitalization ColonolNutty
140 liquidwhitechocolateMFM /liquids CN More Farming: Revitalization ColonolNutty
141 liquidmilkMFM /liquids CN More Farming: Revitalization ColonolNutty
142 liquidchocolatemilkMFM /liquids CN More Farming: Revitalization ColonolNutty
155 liquidbeanjuice /liquids Canned Beans sad man dan
160 energyliquid /liquids Sheila's Workshop The Kat of Kats
198 paa_specialliquid1 /liquids Weapons Addition Spazdiesfirst360.0
199 paa_bleachliquid /liquids Weapons Addition Spazdiesfirst360.0
200 paa_sulfurhexafluoridegas /liquids Weapons Addition Spazdiesfirst360.0
201 paa_pgiliquid /liquids Weapons Addition Spazdiesfirst360.0
202 paa_elevatorliquid /liquids Weapons Addition Spazdiesfirst360.0
203 wa_fluorine /liquids Weapons Addition Spazdiesfirst360.0
204 wa_radioactiveliquid /liquids Weapons Addition Spazdiesfirst360.0
210 cyberliquid /liquids KC - Cyberspace Expansion Kizzycocoa
211 Yellow Glow Water /liquids Glow Blocks Lantzalot
212 Blue Glow Water /liquids Glow Blocks Lantzalot
220 Liquid Time /liquidtime Liquid Time patman
221 Ascended Liquid Time /liquidtime Liquid Time patman
222 Corn Juice /liquids Corn Stuff patman + Sad Man Dan
223 yogurt /pat/yogurt/yogurtl yogurt grenade patman
230 Liquid Ceruleum Fuel /liquids The Nightars (Revived) AbsoluteXero
250 Lubricant /liquids ISE4-Reconstruction DraLUSAD
251 Brine /liquids ISE4-Reconstruction DraLUSAD
252 Heavy Oil /liquids ISE4-Reconstruction DraLUSAD
253 Light Oil /liquids ISE4-Reconstruction DraLUSAD
254 Enhanced Erchius Fuel /liquids ISE4-Reconstruction DraLUSAD
255 Irradiated Water /liquids United Systems Expansion medicfast90/soldierfast90

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