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Since 1.0 blueprint pages have become redundant. The object/item main article lists the crafting recipe and the blueprint is just used to unlock the crafted item. No extra information other than a bleuprint icon is needed. Blueprint pages are just an extra page with essentially the same information.


In order to clean up the wiki the following needs to be done:

  1. Mark all ITEMNAME Blueprint pages for deletion.
  2. References to ITEMNAME Blueprint pages currently use {{name|ITEMNAME Blueprint}}. All references should be changed to {{Blueprint|ITEMNAME}}. This change will happen on the item's associated CHESTNAME page and all BIOME pages.
  3. Icons for all blueprint objects that can be found should be uploaded. If you see a a blank blueprint icon on the tracker with no item centered on it then the item does not have a blueprint icon and one needs to be uploaded.
  4. All items with discoverable blueprints should have that added to their description in the format of "The crafting schematic for this item can be found in [[CHESTNAME]] which are located in the [[BIOMENAME]] biome(s)."

It is possible to any of the blueprints below to appear in a microdungeon depending on how that microdungeon is setup. For example, steamsprint blueprints are not tied to a particular chest, just the steamspring minibiome. In that case the chest will be listed as None and no action needs to be taken.

Any blueprints not list here are either pre-1.0 and should be flagged with {{Removed}} or they are automatically learned upon character creation. Currently finding and flagging this out-of-date pages is beyond the scope of this cleanup.


Progress is either NOT STARTED, IN PROGRESS, or DONE

If you want to take a range of pages simply enter the first and last page of the range you are working on.

  • Mark all pages that need to be deleted
  • Delete all such marked pages
  • Edit all biomes pages
DONE - For those with blueprints in them.
  • Edit all chest pages
  • Edit all item pages
  • Create all icons

Project Tracker

Objectname Article Blueprint Icon Chest w/ blueprint
snowgun Snowball Shooter
Snowball Shooter Blueprint Icon.png
Pod Chest
scorchedcitybed Stylish Bed
Stylish Bed Blueprint Icon.png
Decayed Chest
tarpitchest Tarpit Chest
Tarpit Chest Blueprint Icon.png
Tarpit Chest
paintgunblue Blue Paintgun
Blue Paintgun Blueprint Icon.png
Rainbow Chest
paintgunyellow Yellow Paintgun
Yellow Paintgun Blueprint Icon.png
Rainbow Chest
bonebed Bone Coffin Bed
Bone Coffin Bed Blueprint Icon.png
Bone Chest
glowbushlamp Glow Bush Lamp
Glow Bush Lamp Blueprint Icon.png
Glow Chest
glowbed Glow Bed
Glow Bed Blueprint Icon.png
Glow Chest
glowchair Glow Chair
Glow Chair Blueprint Icon.png
Glow Chest
swampchair Swamp Chair
Swamp Chair Blueprint Icon.png
Small Primitive Chest
swampbed Swamp Bed
Swamp Bed Blueprint Icon.png
Small Primitive Chest
swampybed Swamp Cot
Swamp Cot Blueprint Icon.png
Small Primitive Chest
swampchest Swamp Chest
Swamp Chest Blueprint Icon.png
Small Primitive Chest
steamspringlamp Steamspring Lamp
Steamspring Lamp Blueprint Icon.png
Small Primitive Chest
steamspringbed Steamspring Bed
Steamspring Bed Blueprint Icon.png
Small Primitive Chest
steamspringdoor Steamspring Door
Steamspring Door Blueprint Icon.png
Small Primitive Chest
steamspringchair Steamspring Chair
Steamspring Chair Blueprint Icon.png
Small Primitive Chest
steamspringtable Steamspring Table
Steamspring Table Blueprint Icon.png
Small Primitive Chest
prismbed Prism Bed
Prism Bed Blueprint Icon.png
Ice Chest
prismdoor Prism Door
Prism Door Blueprint Icon.png
Ice Chest
prismchair Prism Chair
Prism Chair Blueprint Icon.png
Ice Chest
prismtable Prism Table
Prism Table Blueprint Icon.png
Ice Chest
prismlamp1 Prism Magenta Lamp
Prism Magenta Lamp Blueprint Icon.png
Ice Chest
prismlamp2 Prism Emerald Lamp
Prism Emerald Lamp Blueprint Icon.png
Ice Chest
prismlamp3 Prism Cyan Lamp
Prism Cyan Lamp Blueprint Icon.png
Ice Chest
hivebed Hive Bed
Hive Bed Blueprint Icon.png
Hive Chest
hivedoor Hive Door
Hive Door Blueprint Icon.png
Hive Chest
hivechair Hive Chair
Hive Chair Blueprint Icon.png
Hive Chest
hivetable Hive Table
Hive Table Blueprint Icon.png
Hive Chest
hivelamp Hive Lamp
Hive Lamp Blueprint Icon.png
Hive Chest
foundrybed Foundry Bed
Foundry Bed Blueprint Icon.png
Volcanic Chest
foundrychair Heavy Chair
Heavy Chair Blueprint Icon.png
Volcanic Chest
foundrydoor Heavy Door
Heavy Door Blueprint Icon.png
Volcanic Chest
foundrylight Foundry Light
Foundry Light Blueprint Icon.png
Volcanic Chest
magmalamp Magma Lamp
Magma Lamp Blueprint Icon.png
Volcanic Chest
geodebed Geode Bed
Geode Bed Blueprint Icon.png
Iron Chest
geodechair Geode Chair
Geode Chair Blueprint Icon.png
Iron Chest
geodedoor Geode Door
Geode Door Blueprint Icon.png
Iron Chest
geodeplantpot Geode Plant Pot
Geode Plant Pot Blueprint Icon.png
Iron Chest
geodeceilinglight Geode Light
Geode Light Blueprint Icon.png
Iron Chest
geodelowanote Geode Low A
Geode Low A Blueprint Icon.png
Iron Chest
geodebnote Geode B
Geode B Blueprint Icon.png
Iron Chest
geodecnote Geode C
Geode C Blueprint Icon.png
Iron Chest
geodednote Geode D
Geode D Blueprint Icon.png
Iron Chest
geodeenote Geode E
Geode E Blueprint Icon.png
Iron Chest
geodefnote Geode F
Geode F Blueprint Icon.png
Iron Chest
geodegnote Geode G
Geode G Blueprint Icon.png
Iron Chest
geodehighanote Geode High A
Geode High A Blueprint Icon.png
Iron Chest
shroomwardrobe Mushroom Wardrobe
Mushroom Wardrobe Blueprint Icon.png
Shroom Chest
cavebed Rock Bed
Rock Bed Blueprint Icon.png
Rock Chest (Container)
cavechair Rock Chair
Rock Chair Blueprint Icon.png
Rock Chest (Container)
cavechest Rock Chest (Container)
Rock Chest (Container) Blueprint Icon.png
Rock Chest (Container)
cavelamp Stalactite Lamp
Stalactite Lamp Blueprint Icon.png
Rock Chest (Container)
bioshroomtable Glow Table
Glow Table Blueprint Icon.png
Glow Chest
slimechair Slime Chair
Slime Chair Blueprint Icon.png
Slime Chest
slimebed Slime Bed
Slime Bed Blueprint Icon.png
Slime Chest
slimehide Slime Chest
Slime Chest Blueprint Icon.png
Slime Chest
Objectname - DONE Chest
alienbed Alien Chest
alienchair Alien Chest
alienchest Alien Chest
aliendoor Alien Chest
alientable Alien Chest
toxicchest Toxic Chest
toxicchair Toxic Chest
toxiclamp1 Toxic Chest
toxiclamp2 Toxic Chest
toxictable Toxic Chest
bonechair Bone Chest
bonechest Bone Chest
bonedoor Bone Chest
bonetable Bone Chest
asphalt Tarpit Chest
tarchair Tarpit Chest
tarbed Tarpit Chest
tarconsole Tarpit Chest
tarlight Tarpit Chest
tarman Tarpit Chest
tardoor Tarpit Chest
shroombed Shroom Chest
shroomchair Shroom Chest
shroomchest Shroom Chest
shroomdoor Shroom Chest
shroomlamp Shroom Chest
shroomtable Shroom Chest
stonechest Stone Chest
stonebed Stone Chest
stonechair Stone Chest
stonedoor Stone Chest
stonetable Stone Chest
eyebed Eye Chest
eyechair Eye Chest
eyechest Eye Chest
eyedoor Eye Chest
eyetable Eye Chest
icebed Ice Chest
icechair Ice Chest
icechest Ice Chest
icedoor Ice Chest
icetable Ice Chest
icemachine Ice Chest
giantflowerbed Giant Flower Chest
giantflowerchair Giant Flower Chest
giantflowerchest Giant Flower Chest
giantflowerdoor Giant Flower Chest
giantflowerlamp Giant Flower Chest
giantflowertable Giant Flower Chest
scorchedcitychair Decayed Chest
scorchedcitychestdrawerlarge Decayed Chest
scorchedcitychestdrawersmall Decayed Chest
scorchedcitytable Decayed Chest
scorchedcityfridge Decayed Chest
scorchedcitytv Decayed Chest
scorchedcitycounter Decayed Chest
scorchedcityregister Decayed Chest
scorchedcitystoreshelf Decayed Chest
flowerbox Spring Chest
flowerlamp Spring Chest
movingsunflower Spring Chest
petalfountain Spring Chest
springchest Spring Chest
fleshchair Flesh Chest
fleshchest Flesh Chest
fleshdoor Flesh Chest
fleshtable Flesh Chest
cellchair Cell Chest
celltable Cell Chest
celldoor Cell Chest
celllamp Cell Chest
cellchest Cell Chest
reedchair Reed Chest
reedbed Reed Chest
reedclock Reed Chest
reedlamp Reed Chest
reeddesk Reed Chest
reeddoor Reed Chest
reedshelf Reed Chest
paintgunred Rainbow Chest
paintgunpurple Rainbow Chest
paintgungreen Rainbow Chest
paintgunorange Rainbow Chest
rainbowbed Rainbow Chest
rainbowchair Rainbow Chest
rainbowchest Rainbow Chest
rainbowdoor Rainbow Chest
rainbowtable Rainbow Chest
crystalbed Crystal Chest
crystalchair Crystal Chest
crystalchest Crystal Chest
crystallamp Crystal Chest
crystaltable Crystal Chest
reedchest Reed Chest
glowflowerlamp Glow Chest
glowvinelamp Glow Chest
glowchest Glow Chest
glowstickgreen Glow Chest
crayonredback Rainbow Chest
crayonblueback Rainbow Chest
crayonyellowback Rainbow Chest
crayonpurpleback Rainbow Chest
crayongreenback Rainbow Chest
crayonorangeback Rainbow Chest