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Space Dungeons

The 1.3.0 update added space dungeons to the game. This might not obvious unless you look in the game files, in assets/dungeons/space.

The new dungeons are:

  • cultistship.dungeon — i.e. the Occasus ship. This one still needs its own article.
  • merchantastroship.dungeon — needs article
  • merchantindustrialship.dungeon — needs article
  • penguinship.dungeon — I created a page for this one: Penguin Ship
  • pirateship.dungeon — needs article
  • playerstation.dungeon — This one has a page: Space Station
  • researchship.dungeon — needs article
  • spaceencounter.dungeon — i.e. Anomalies; see Space Encounter
  • spacestation.dungeon — Needs either an own page or a section in Space Station; probably the latter.

There are already two pages for the NPC ships: NPC Ship and Hostile Ship, oh, and there's Ships, too. This is slightly confusing. I have no idea where to put new content or articles. If anyone has a suggestion how to structure this, please comment!

Blackice (talk) 13:24, 8 July 2017 (BST)