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Biome Diagram

This page describes content and features that are planned to be added to Starbound at some point.

Remember, the features on this page are not guaranteed to be implemented into the game.

Mentioned Features


  • Super-Legendary Armor: There will be some armor that is either super rare or has massive requirements.[1]
  • Craftable Shields: There will be many more craftable shields, possibly as many as one per tiered armor set.[2]


  • Engine Changes: Colorblind Mode & Engine Optimization. FTL animation being revamped to reduce memory strain.
  • World Storage: Improve world storage and organize *.pak files to improve modding. Add launcher integration.
  • More graphics options: After the game is out of beta, graphics options like disabling the parallax background are planned.
  • Controller Support: Controller support is still planned, possibly for the new Steam controller as well. Chucklefish has a demo Steam controller that is "wonderful for Starbound".[2]
  • User made mission sharing: Using in game wiring tools players will be able to create their own mission maps and challenges that can be shared with other players. Custom missions installed on a server will be available to all players at any point and will function as instances. Parties will be able to enter these instances together as many times as they like.
  • PS Vita: There will be a version of Starbound that runs on PS Vita.[2]
  • XBox One: Blitworks is working on a port for Starbound that runs on Xbox One.[3]

NPCs / Enemies

  • Events: An event system similar to Terraria's events is planned.
  • Capture Pods & Mercenaries: May be able to capture NPCs with pods. Summon NPC Mercenaries by using the pod as a beacon.[4]
  • Breeding Pets: Breeding Pets is a possibility, since "it's easy to mix and match parts from two parent pets".
  • Custom created monsters: The player may get to "bio-engineer" a monster together from chosen parts.


  • Player Made Structures: Tiy "definitely wants" to add more player made structures, as they are "easy to add and coming across them is awesome".
  • Nebulae: There will be a Nebula type of star that has all planet types at the highest difficulty. Large planets with far more biome variety than usual. They will have main biomes within other biomes, so you can have a Volcanic section of a Forest planet, for example. [5]
  • Dramatic Planet Modification: Ability for players to modify huge chunks of planets through things like orbital bombardment; removing the entire first layer of a planet and leave behind a lifeless surface.


  • Automation/Expanded Wiring: Automation systems are planned along with generally expanded Wiring capabilities, similar to the Starfoundry mod.[2]
  • Passive Racial Bonuses: Racial abilities will be passive.[6]
  • Pumps and Airlocks: Pumps and airlocks are planned, to flush water out of a structure, or otherwise move it around.[2]
  • Director Mode: (High priority post 1.0) Director mode will exist within a separate Starbound client that allows admins to connect to their servers with a range of new tools built to control the action for their players. Admins in director mode (there can be multiple), will be able to spawn blocks, items, monsters, npcs at will. Take direct control over them, have them speak and interact with players. Essentially director mode allows admins to take on a similar role to that of a dungeon master in D&D, creating scenarios and stories on the fly to ensure players never have the same experience twice. The client will have an easy to use interface; you can see a preview here.[2]
  • Mini-Map: Rotating circular map showing highlights only such as the location of friendly players, spawn points–but no major details. For the details you’d use a mapping item to create a map as you travel.[2]
  • Space Combat: Space combat and the ability to board other ships is planned. These will likely be random encounters/ships on the star map that trigger an instance for the ship battle.


  • Server Commands: More server commands and admin abilities, similar to TShock, including controls for chat and port listening.[7]
  • Server security: We’re implementing a range of security checks to minimize cheating on a broad scale. But for admins that desire absolute security we will also eventually be implementing server side characters, including server side accounts and the option to require a new character the first time a new player connects. We want to empower server admins to create a unique experience on their server.


  • More Planet Scanner Data: See sub-biome type in the planet scanner.[8] A failsafe system may be implemented to prevent the player teleporting into hazardous environments (such as an Asteroid Field without Breath Protection).


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