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Article Page

Wiki Page Small Ancient Pot

File Details

File Name ancientpot6.object
File Path assets\objects\ancient\ancientpot6
inventoryIcon ancientpot6icon.png

Data Values

Key Value

objectName ancientpot6
rarity Legendary
category breakable
price 0
race ancient
printable False
description This ancient pot is in remarkable shape considering how old it is.
shortdescription Small Ancient Pot
apexDescription Whatever is inside this ancient pot has been long forgotten.
avianDescription I don't think this pot is ceremonial in nature. I wonder what could be inside.
floranDescription Ancient potss need ssmashing.
glitchDescription Amazed. This ancient pot has managed to survive the ravages of time.
humanDescription This pot looks ancient! Maybe there's something still inside it.
hylotlDescription I wonder what ancient treasures could be inside this old pot.
novakidDescription Almost a shame to bust up a pot so old...
tags ancient