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Wiki Page Green Arcade Machine

File Details

File Name arcadegreen.object
File Path assets\objects\hylotl\arcadegreen
inventoryIcon arcadegreenicon.png

Data Values

Key Value

objectName arcadegreen
rarity Common
category decorative
price 120
race hylotl

description This machine runs a game called 'Stylish Thief Wasteland'.
shortdescription Green Arcade Machine
apexDescription Stylish Thief Wasteland is about thieves robbing other thieves. The most stylish thief wins!
avianDescription It takes quite a bit of skill and luck to do well at Stylish Thief Wasteland.
floranDescription Ssstylish thieving game! Floran like this game!
glitchDescription Impressed. Stylish Thief Wasteland sees stylish thieves facing off against other stylish thieves. 8/10.
humanDescription Stylish Thief Wasteland is the best! I'm going to be the most stylish thief of all.
hylotlDescription Stylish Thief Wasteland is often criticized for its depictions of violence, but you must admire their fashion sense.
novakidDescription There's somethin' about Stylish Thief Wasteland I can really relate to.
tags hylotl, hylotloceancity, electronic