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Article Page

Wiki Page Iron Bar Door

File Details

File Name bardoor.object
File Path assets\objects\generic\bardoor
inventoryIcon bardooricon.png
Large Image bardoor.png:right

Data Values

Key Value

objectName bardoor
rarity Common
category door
price 95
race generic
description I wouldn't want to find myself locked behind these thick iron bars.
shortdescription Iron Bar Door
tooltipKind door
apexDescription An iron cell door.
avianDescription The Avians used doors much like these to guard their tombs.
floranDescription Heavy iron door protect goodiess.
glitchDescription Surprised. This looks similar to the cell doors in Glitch dungeons.
humanDescription Looks like the kind of door you'd find on a cell.
hylotlDescription An oppressive door.
novakidDescription I betcha' some varmint has found themselves behind doors like these.
tags door