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Wiki Page Brass Teleporter

File Details

File Name brassteleporter.object
File Path assets\objects\teleporter\brassteleporter
inventoryIcon brassteleportericon.png

Data Values

Key Value

objectName brassteleporter
rarity Legendary
category teleporter
price 3000
printable False

description A personal teleporter, connects to bookmarked locations.

^red;Destroyed when broken.

shortdescription Brass Teleporter
apexDescription A personal teleporter. A functional but fun piece of equipment.
avianDescription I love the whoosh of my feathers when I teleport!
floranDescription Perssonal teleporter is fancy!
glitchDescription Enticed. A personal teleporter, with a custom design.
humanDescription A personal teleporter! Now this is travelling in style.
hylotlDescription A personal teleporter, it sports a custom design.
novakidDescription As teleporters go, this sure is fancy lookin'!
tags misc

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