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Wiki Page Small Wall Monitor

File Details

File Name bunkertv.object
File Path assets\objects\human\bunkertv
inventoryIcon bunkertvicon.png

Data Values

Key Value

objectName bunkertv
rarity Common
category decorative
price 50
race human

description A monitor displaying a task list.
shortdescription Small Wall Monitor
apexDescription This appears to display a list of tasks that need completing. Someone is going to be busy.
avianDescription A well-ordered list. One of the items is "cleaning the latrines".
floranDescription A long lissst of tasssks. Just looking at it makes Floran tired.
glitchDescription Wary. One of the items on the list is "fix up the robot".
humanDescription A to-do list. It's not even mine and I'm feeling under stress.
hylotlDescription A neat, comprehensive list of tasks to accomplish. I approve of such forward-planning.
novakidDescription A list of chores. Who's got time for chores?
tags human, humanbunker, electronic