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Wiki Page Carrot Seed

File Details

File Name carrotseed.object
File Path assets\objects\farmables\carrot
inventoryIcon carrotseedicon.png
Large Image carrotseed.png:default.2.0

Data Values

Key Value

objectName carrotseed
rarity Common
category seed
price 15
printable False
description Grows delicious carrots, brought all the way across the stars from Earth.
shortdescription Carrot Seed
tooltipKind seed
apexDescription Boil a carrot and it's a bit like a banana... but it doesn't taste as good.
avianDescription A simple carrot. Good for soup.
floranDescription Sometimes carrot growss curly. This amuses Floran.
glitchDescription Approving. Carrots are pleasantly crunchy.
humanDescription Carrots. Perfect for eating, or sticking on a snowman.
hylotlDescription Carrots are a versatile, if bland, vegetable.
novakidDescription The humble carrot.
tags nature